Comments for 3D effects removed from Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. Chuck

    I don’t know what to say about it. I’ve only ridden it once and I came very close to throwing up. Is it the 3D? No idea, but I’m not trying it again. I’m NOT saying that it’s a bad ride, just a bad ride for ME.

    1. Terri Sweeney

      It is the 3-D…it makes people sick when you are in motion. Particularly when you’ve been drinking. They probably got tired of the complaints from people getting sick, and cleaning up after them, also. 🙂

  2. Mitch

    Just as well – ride does NOT need 3d. It’s amazing on it’s own.

    Escape from Gringott’s on the other hand…well…yeah, it could use some more stuff IMHO (obviously that’s in FL not in the Hollywood park)

  3. Sandi Langdon

    I hated the 3D. The glasses were dirty and it did not feel as real as the one in Orlando. I am glad they are doing this.

  4. EricJ

    I haven’t ridden HP yet, but imagine Spiderman without the 3D.
    Go ahead, just TRY.

    1. This Is My Display Name

      Then try to imagine life itself without the 3D.

      Go ahead, just TRY.

  5. Karen

    I went on it today and it was so disappointing :/ it used to be so imitative. But it is now just like you’re dangling in front of a curved screen separate. And the portal (green thing at the beginning and end) used to be a wonderful effect. Now it’s just a green dot that moves along a screen. Plus you can see so much more “behind the scenes” stuff. Like the lights and the poles that hold the dementors and the ceiling and the other cars. The glasses partly would block all that out. I wish there could be an option or that it would go back to 3D 🙁

    1. Karen

      *immersive (not imatative)

    2. Tom

      I think they need to fix the lighting. Ride in Hollywood was brighter because of the 3D glasses. Now they can dimm the lights like in Orlando.

  6. RebeccaMcK

    Thank goodness! We haven’t done the 3D version yet but hated that they were making it 3D for Hollywood….even emailed Universal to beg them not to do that. The ride is fantastic just the way it is (the Orlando version that I’ve ridden a few times now).

  7. Santiago

    I really did enjoy the ride with its 3d effect. It really made you feel like you were flying around the hogwarts campus. It was a great thing when it came with first and last affect. To be honest, I will not enjoy the ride in its now 2d form.

  8. Santiago

    I really did enjoy the ride with its 3d effect. It really made you feel like you were flying around the hogwarts campus. It was a great thing when it came with first and last affect. To be honest, I will not enjoy the ride in its now 2d form. I would like to have the glasses back.

  9. It’s too bad they are taking away one of the most magical elements of the ride. I think Universal should upgrade to new 3D LED technology that does not cause the 3D vertigo syndrome. Tech like HavaVision3D is also much brighter and higher contrast and would be really cool in a theme park ride.

  10. Anna

    Our whole family just visited the park a few weeks ago. We all thought the 3D was too much, and if the ride did not have it we would have given it 5 stars. We were all nauseous after the ride and couldn’t not imagine going on it again, although the flying and the scenes were right in point and so fun to travel through! Very happy to hear about this change! We can now return!!

  11. Cassandra

    Went today and didn’t know it was removed until I rode it. I was highly disappointed. It was 100 times better in 3D. I’m sad my friends never got to ride it the way it was meant to be! And the green warping effect at the beginning and end is just sad now…

  12. K

    Surprised, then disappointed to have ridden the 2D ride. Agree with above comments: can see the behind the scenes, which breaks the magic, miss flying AS IF with Harry, portal no longer meaningful, spiders no longer scary, feel like an observer, not participant. Turn down the lights and/or invest in newer technology. Sorry for all those who get sick, but there is a warning.

  13. Bella

    I am honestly disappointed to hear that they removed the 3D effect. If you keep complaining it makes you sick there’s a warning and just don’t go on it! Going on January 2nd and will ride it, not going to be happy though. Might even just go to the Jurassic park ride instead.

  14. md

    I have been on this ride when it was 3D and what it is currently. The 3 D version was far superior. I was really disappointed in the ride as changed. There are warnings about motion sickness posted, but we did not have any problem with it. We will not bother with the ride in the future. I hope they change it back.

  15. cp

    I had ridden the ride several times in 3d and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one of the main reasons I kept going back to Universal Studios – Hollywood. I just went to Universal yesterday 02/25/17 not knowing that they had converted the Harry Potter ride to 2d. It was a very disappointing ride. I don’t think I will be buying another season pass from Universal again.

  16. Kristin

    Went to universal this week and rode HP in 2D not knowing it had been converted. I was sad and disappointed. 3D felt like you were part of the ride. Now you can see a lot of the set and i feel like it was to much light on the ride, if they make it darker that might help the screen look better. Im happy I got to expirence 3D and Im sure they wont go back but I hope they work on making the 2D expirence better.

  17. Holly

    I’m glad – as I have problems with my eyes and can’t see 3D. A lot of rides are doing 3D – which means myself and others who have the same problem, can’t enjoy them. I’m not saying no 3D rides ever – but I appreciate every ride NOT having 3D.

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