Comments for VIDEO: Universal officially announces “an entire Nintendo world” for their theme parks!


  1. Gabe

    They’re waiting to open Fallon to announce that the whole northeast corner behind Simpsons is going under the knife, right? Increased capacity just in time for ET, Animal Actors, and the kids area to get bulldozed.

    I know it’s all guesswork at this point, but the swath of real estate all the way from the main gate, through Hollywood street, back to behind Springfield feels like the least vital section of the park today – could this be a bigger project than expected?

    Would anyone really throw their hands up in despair to lose the Makeup show, La Bamba’s, and the NBC Preview Center/Corporate Synergy Thrill Experience? I’ve wondered why they’ve kept Terminator on life support so long, outside of simply more space to shuffle guest bodies in and out.

    Plus, Hello Kitty is a natural bridge right into another Japanese mega-brand… ok, taking off my tinfoil hat now.

    ET has a MASSIVE footprint all by itself, so, at any rate, get in those last bike rides to space and kiss Botanicus a big, wet goodbye.

  2. Angel

    When I worked for Universal a few months back, the plan was protected to remove kid zone. They’d get rid of Fievel, Woody, Curious George, Barney, E.T and animal actors. There were also rumors of acquiring new land, but I think they’ve used it for the new hotels and water park.

  3. Tyler

    Wait, this is old news by a few months at least

  4. Frostysnowman

    I bet they’ll be done with this expansion at all three parks before Disney is done with Star Wars land.

  5. Reagan Greer

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