Comments for VIDEO: Marvel’s Doctor Strange character experience officially opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


  1. Cole

    How long is he supposed to appear in the park?
    I’m going close to Christmas.

  2. EricJ

    Marvel at IOA isn’t “weird”–In 1994, no one could IMAGINE the idea that you could make actual Marvel Comics movies.
    The Curse wouldn’t be broken for another six years, and seeing the print-iconography at the parks as you went on the Spiderman Ride was as good as it got. 🙂
    (Uni had their chance to make movies, but it’s -because- of “Hulk” that we have Marvel Studios today.)

  3. Nat

    Kind of disappointed it’s a show like PirateTutorial so it’s not a meet and greet for everyone to get pictures– just the kids he picks. Sad there are no Disney Marvel opportunities for adult fans who can’t get to Disneyland.

  4. Cassie

    While I’m not at all a fan of Doctor Stranger, but this gives me hope that Walt Disney World will finally be able to show some love to the Marvel characters that Disney has the full rights to. WDW has paid no attention to the Guardians (although Star-Lord and Gamora did appear once) or Ant-Man, but hopefully this experience will open it up to those characters to finally be able to meet and greet. Crossing my fingers that that in the future we’ll also be able to see Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

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