Comments for VIDEO: Walt Disney World to debut new holiday light show with drones at Disney Springs


  1. Mark Burden

    Looks amazing. Imagine ‘Flixels’ with laser lights mounted on the drones. That would be awesome…and my original idea (just putting that out there!)

    1. Adam

      That would be awesome! Especially in the smoke that hangs around after the fireworks.

  2. “was referred to as “flixels” – or flying pixels” At first i thought it was some kind of photo editor software, for Mac users. I personally do not see the effect of myself, but what the flixel software can do, it can develop some kind of ‘living photo’ or what they call Cinemagraph. A photo, but it looks alive, maybe what Disney could use, is the same concept.Just wait and see. But that’s a cool by utilizing drones.

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