Comments for Universal Orlando reveals new details for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon ride


  1. Rob Stevens

    End of April, hopefully? We’ll be in town for the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon, and plan to take a day to go up to Universal (to get our Harry Potter fix). Would be awesome to check out a new attraction while we’re there!

  2. JimJ

    I have a feeling this ride will toss you around hard and give you severe motion sickness. I hope it won’t be worse than the Simpson’s ride and Transformers. The flying part, not shown, will likely not be the calm Disney Soarin’ type ride. Seeing Fallon spinning around like that already gives me indigestion.

    1. EricJ

      I’m usually good thrill-sims, but at Universal, I remember “Do NOT go on Jimmy Neutron before breakfast…”

    2. JimJ

      I’m glad to hear you’re not fat. As for p*ssy willow, motion sickness can’t be helped.

  3. Brian N

    Hoping the ride will be like soarin meets despicable me

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