Comments for PHOTOS: Mucklebones Halloween Home Haunt features Scooby-Doo nemesis, Aliens, and more


  1. EricJ

    ANNNNDDD…the Pumpkin King’s back again. 357 days early.

  2. EricJ

    “(and no we’re not referring to the witch from Labyrinth)”

    Particularly since it was the witch from “Legend”.

  3. Garaan

    Aaah the infamous ‘Home Depot Horse’, I see there in the background. We bought one of those this year for our home haunt too. It was the ‘hot item’ across the haunt groups I’m part of; a lot of ‘WHAT DID YOU DO WITH /YOUR/ HORSE?!’ threads and so forth. Pretty sure we were responsible for them selling out at like every store, too, haha.

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