PHOTOS: Mucklebones Halloween Home Haunt features Scooby-Doo nemesis, Aliens, and more

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When you are a skilled artist, creating wax museum quality figures, props and busts, just what do you do for Halloween?  Make a home haunt, of course.  That’s exactly what Rob Cametti of Mucklebones LLC did this past Halloween!

You might recognize the name Mucklebones (and no we’re not referring to the witch from Legend), especially if you’ve been to Spooky Empire.  Their museum style displays (Haunted Mansion tribute, Universal Classic Monsters and Classic Halloween) as well as their charity supporting Bride of Frankenstein bust campaign (that sent blank busts of the iconic horror figure to various artists to complete).

ITM featured both the Classic Halloween “All Hallows Eve” display (click here) and the Haunted Mansion tribute (click here).




Opening up their home for local trick or treaters this Halloween, the Cametti family have created a fiendishly fun flow of menacing monsters and spooky spirits.  Featuring more than twice the number of scenes normally displayed at their home every Halloween, this year’s eerie excitement enlarged to include a total of seven spooky scenes.  It is the first time the family has materialized a maze meandering into the Cametti’s Central Florida home.  Of the seven sensational scenes, the Scooby Doo tribute is Rob Cametti’s favorite, featuring the villainous Captain Cutler (from the 1969 Scooby-Doo Where are You episode “A Clue for Scooby Doo”).



ITM was thrilled to be invited to photograph this devilish display of hot and cold running spooks. Be sure to visit Mucklebones’ Facebook page to see more creepy cool creations.

in Artwork, Events, Haunted Attractions

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