Comments for New villains revealed for Disney Channel’s ‘Descendants 2’!


  1. Taydra

    How could this massive crap on the Disney cannon/cash-in on popular high school themed toy lines like Ever After High/Monster High get a sequel?

    1. Alex

      For your information, the offspring of the characters from Ever After High and Monster High are the offspring from well-known fairy tales and monsters. The offspring from Descendents are from the Disney Franchise. In fact, some of the parents of the offspring from Ever After High are not in the Disney franchise. For example: in Ever After High, there is the daughter of Goldilocks from ‘Goldilocks and the three Bears’. And there is no Disney adaptation of this fairytale.

      1. Taydra

        But they share a similar concept that profits well: Children of fantasy characters attend high school with obligatory teen sterotypes (popular girl/guy, arrogant jock, cliques and such)

    2. EricJ

      Simple: They don’t understand how High School Musical became a hit (due to unusual freak generational conditions caused by early-00’s teens who had never seen a musical in their lives), and are now baffled as to why they can’t repeat the experiment with ANOTHER Disney Channel franchise.
      And until they hit on the right theory, they’ll keep hammering away until it does.

      …C’mon, you were supposed to like Camp Rock and Teen Beach movie too, it says so right here in their sales analyses!

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