Comments for Muppet-themed restaurant PizzeRizzo soft opens at Walt Disney World with subtly fun details


  1. Jon Murphy

    Thrilling .

  2. Robin

    It reminds me of a food court in the local mall.

  3. Ryan Amerson

    Amazing restaurant.

  4. Ken Hutchinson

    Thanks needed this. the girls have already chosen it for one of our Hollywood Studio days

  5. Patrick

    Looks like the imagineers designed this place so that it could be easily rethemed by simply switching out signage and decorations.

  6. Bryan

    I see they had to insert some homosexual garbage in there. Absolutely sickening.

    1. Jordan

      Where? I assume you refer to the Wedding announcement signage. Perhaps Phil could be short for Phyllis? Open your mind and remember who designed a majority of the Disney Theme Parks, work on films, etc, and who assist you on your visits to the Theme Parks… Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Remember your audience.

    2. Sarah

      Agreed. Obnoxious pandering. Even more disgusting than the muppet rat. Remy it’s not.

  7. Kva

    B.Y.O B & P ??????

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