Comments for Johnny Depp officially cast in J.K. Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel!

Johnny Depp


  1. Jason

    Young Dumbledore?

    1. Jessica

      omg… yes.

    2. Adam McCabe


      …I’ll see myself out.

  2. Sean

    I expected better from this franchise than to hire a freaking sexist wife beater!

    1. CASS

      Judge much? SHE was the one actually arrested for DV, not him.

  3. Jen

    I think it’s awesome, Johnny Depp is a great actor. I’d say ‘sexist’ and ‘wife beater’ are pretty harsh things to call him. After all, Amber was abusive, as well.

  4. EricJ

    Y’know, right now I’m starting to feel like Cassandra every time I say “Nobody CARES about Harry Potter Without Harry!”
    (Unlike Cursed Child, obviously.)

    Of course, it’s been a rough summer, so most of us may not care -what- November movies we end up seeing.

  5. Considering how quirky the Wizarding World is, lol, there are a plethora of parts Johnny could play.

  6. Sam


  7. JimJ

    Direct to Video Depp.

  8. Farges

    The events are happening before Harry Potter therefore it’s a PREQUEL, not a sequel (The Cursed Child can be considered as a sequel because it happens after Harry Potter).

  9. Manahil

    Hope he plays Grindelwald.

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