Comments for ITM wishes you a very happy Life Day on Nov. 17th thanks to the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special

image: Lucasfilm

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  1. EricJ

    And once again, the annual reminder to raving fanboys:
    George Lucas DIDN’T write or direct it.

    It was directed by Steve Binder, who directed “The TAMI Show” and went on to produce Zoobilee Zoo and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse–
    And it was co-written by Police Academy writer Pat Proft, “Frankenweenie” writer Leonard Ripps, and variety show writer Bruce Vilanch–Whose long 70’s career also gave us such fanboy pop-culture-kitsch yoks as the Star Wars episode of Donny & Marie, the Paul Lynde Halloween Special (where KISS guest-starred), and almost every bad Oscar ceremony of the last thirty-five years, up to and including that James Franco/Anne Hathaway one.
    (Just being fair to Vilanch, who often says in interviews that he hates being “the One” blamed for writing it.)

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