Comments for Funimation acquires rights to ‘Dragon Ball Super’, working on English dubbed episodes


  1. a1a

    Since when are we on anime news network here ? oO

  2. EricJ

    Hey, at least be glad Adam WAS posting Disney articles again for a while, while Michael Gavin was on his nutty Death, Horror & Halloween kick.
    And, there’s no Batman movie opening for a while, so…

  3. Sir plzz don’t kick out vegeta from the tournament of power..There r many fans of this character.He is the man whose pride makes us love him.If vegeta is going to be out ,there will be many to stop watching tournament of power.A simple mafuba does not sound good for a fighter to be taken out so easily .Instead of Vegeta it can be gohan because he didn’t trained hard enough .We love Vegeta and Goku and we want them to finish out the tournament of Power.I know my this mail will not effect u but plzz try to understand the fans of the show

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