Comments for Disney’s Animal Kingdom reopens DINOSAUR ride with a fresh coat of paint and technological upgrades!


Credit: Disney


  1. Sami

    Just got the ride this the day is opened back up since the shut time down!!! It’s so much more fun than before!!!

  2. Greg

    Yay! Dinosaur is my favorite and I was starting to get worried they were gutting the previous experience to replace it with something else.

  3. Greg

    This ride sucks. Way too jerky, and unrealistically so.

  4. Joshua

    They also brought back one of the original effects at the end with the laser net “thrown” onto the iguanadon. It’s quick, but a great (re)addition!

  5. Nich

    I’m very excited and happy to hear this. One of the very best dark thrill rides in the world! Period.

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