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  1. EricJ

    They didn’t MENTION Norway/Frozen (either for good or bad), but….

  2. Cassie

    I’m assuming that this will finally mean a complete overhaul of Future World. Innovations is just an empty shell of its former self and Ellen, while I’ll forever love her ride, has become extremely outdated. This is long overdue for Epcot and I hope that the Imagineers make great decisions for the parks future (maybe an Inside Out attraction???).

    1. Lauren R

      I would love to see an Inside Out attraction!!! I think they should add more virtual reality attractions that are current with today’s in future world. And I think they can really bring Figment back stronger with Dreamfinder if they put some love into the ride a little. With the comics they’ve been releasing you would think they would do some Figment revamp.

      1. J. Rohde

        Virtual reality would be challenging for WDW since the recommended age for it is 13+. Just doesn’t fit our design demographic well.

        1. EricJ

          And besides, I remember the VR rides at DisneyQuest being a bit clunky, and slow-loading with only a few guests at a time.
          GOOD, but clunky and slow-loading.

          As for me, my first trip to 80’s “Epcot Center” was just after I’d been to the Vancouver ’86 World’s Fair.
          Didn’t have to explain to me what Epcot was about, I’d seen the real thing. 🙂

      2. frostysnowman

        They just need to reopen Cranium Command for that. One of the Imagineers who worked on that attraction worked on Inside Out, and the scene at the end where the boy freaks out when the girl gives him his water bottle was based on it.

    2. Stephanie

      I would LOVE to see an Inside Out ride! It seems like “Inner Workings” has the artwork for some kind of biology attraction as well. I also think WALL-E and Eve could host an exhibit about the role plants play in Earth’s eco system maybe as background in the line for a ride based on them trying to save the little plant. I don’t know what the level of restrictions is for Big Hero 6 characters in WDW, but it would also be cool for the Big Hero 6 characters to host live demonstrations of chemistry and physics experiments.

  3. Garaan

    I agree that the Future World part of the park needs some serious, serious help. By the time any well-designed ‘innovention’ display can be put together and implemented, the content is already outdated! Inside Out would be a great way to get back some of the old fun of something like Cranium Command, and dear lord please put Dreamweaver back into Imagination!

    1. Garaan

      Er. I mean Dreamfinder, sorry.

  4. Kenneth Cox

    Well. that was “helpful”.

  5. Ken Hutchinson

    I am glad to see that Epcot is going to get some much needed love but will it be at a timeline that will let us see something this century? Or another Avatar and Hollywood Studios speed. One thing I admire about Universal is when they announce something it gets built and built fast. Lately with Disney it seems like the announcement is the show and the actual builds are Oh Well Sometime We Will Get Around To It

    1. JimJ

      Obviously, they seem to take 5 years from proposal to completion. They haven’t yet announced the attractions so it can be longer. It certainly will come well after Star Wars Land. I predict something in 2022, 2 years after Star Wars Land opens.

      1. Robert Brown

        As long as they refuse to pay OT and other aspects of “cutting corners ” to make the stock holders wallets fatter that’s the way it will be. It’s a damn shame the guests can’t see what the cast members see. A different song would be heard

    2. EricJ

      Oh, they’ve been building them–Problem is, the most recent announcements lately seem to be their own Big Event, just to be considered part of ancillary marketing for a movie or promotional anniversary, without any idea of longterm park life, storytelling, workability or immersive 360 atmosphere.

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    3. Nathan H.

      I think it depends if they are working on a new park or not. The last park really dragged everything down, from other park budgets to new construction.

      I think this will go relatively fast. I think Magic Kingdom was the only thing really hitting consistent attendance marks in WDW and while Epcot is my favorite park, and I fear what making it Disney means, it has attendance issues. They need to get more ROI, Frozen was proof of concept and now it’s time to expand that strategy.

  6. NO! Don’t change Epcot!!!

  7. Nathan H.

    I would like to see journey into imagination incorporate Kingdom Hearts with Figment and Dreamfinder playing a major role.

  8. Mario B.

    Finally! Epcot needed this upgrade! I’d like to see the Imagination pavilion take on a marvel attraction similar to the one that is due to open in Hong Kong. Universe of Energy, Innovations, and Imagination need to be either changed to another attraction or used for other plans.

    1. EricJ

      I was about to upgrade my old suggestion of using an Incredibles motif to revive Wonders of Life (as a “training center” for learning health and fitness), to the obvious idea of a Marvel one instead, and then…
      No, nobody had to say it, I remembered “Universal”, and why we’re getting all the attractions in Anaheim, HK and the cruise ships.

  9. frostysnowman

    Great! Future World needs some updating for sure. I wonder if the rumored Guardians of the Galaxy re-theming of Universe of Energy will happen. I think that could be a good tie-in with the theme. They could easily reopen Wonders of Life and make that an Inside Out and/or Incredibiles attraction. I hope they don’t mess with the World Showcase too much. And I really hope that they will speed up their process to be more in line with how fast Universal seems to be able to build new attractions. Disney could learn a lesson from them in that department.

  10. During the 80’s,90’s and early 2000’s, I took my family to WDW in Sept of every odd number year. The pace of attraction building made that a perfect formula. Its much too expensive for us to visit that frequently now. So every 5 or so years, we make the trek. For all the money brought in, you would think they would respect the guests and work more dilligently to build complete attractions. It certainly shows they could care less about their customers, and I doubt they’ll ever show any sense of urgency here. They know we’re a captive audience. I remember seeing the splash mtn model at the train station…..then, BOOM, It was ready.

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