VIDEO: ‘The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History’ show debut at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

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Over the weekend, a new show starring The Muppets debuted at the Magic Kingdom. The Great Moments in History with The Muppets show will now be performed intermittently several times each day in Liberty Square above the Heritage House. In case, you aren’t sure where that is, it’s right next to the Hall of Presidents attraction. Currently, the show is performed between 9:30 am and 4:40 pm,  but make sure you always check the Times Guide because as we were told, “You never know exactly what the Muppets are up to.”


There are two versions of the show that play throughout the day. One version chronicles how the Declaration of Independence came into existence. The other retells the story of Paul Revere’s Ride. Both versions of the show preserve the integrity of The Muppets brand with its unique sense of humor and famous wit.


While the scripts of these shows alone are 100% charming, the truth is that it’s also refreshing to see traditional puppetry find another place in the parks. There is something simple yet completely fascinating about watching the artistic skill of puppet masters. No matter how fancy CGI attractions may be, they will never rob these types of shows of audiences who often grow tired of staring at screens. In our opinion, the only thing that might keep attendance numbers down is the weather since the show is performed outdoors.


Rain or shine, though, The Muppets are back with a fresh new attraction. We have to say that we couldn’t be more pleased about it. Watch our videos below for full showings of each version.


WATCH: NEW Great Moments in History with The Muppets – Declaration (Magic Kingdom

WATCH: NEW Great Moments in History with The Muppets – Paul Revere (Magic Kingdom) 






in Disney, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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