Comments for Dinosaur ride refurb at Disney’s Animal Kingdom extended beyond October


  1. Autumn Harris

    This is so disappointing. I appreciate that renovations are necessary and that non-peak season is the obvious time for these renovations, but with the delay of Rivers of Light, this is just another slap in the face to fall Disney travelers. IMO, too many projects are delayed. Given that AK is often considered a park that can be overlooked or only needs half of a day, you would think that Disney would do everything possible to provide accurate information.

    1. I feel part of the reason for all the delays is actually due to the budget. They are building three completely new and massive lands, probably building multiple brand new rides, a huge new show, and refurbishing two rides one of which is extremely high maintenance (Dinosaur). Yes, even a company as wealthy and mighty as Disney has budgets. And if you take into account the fact that it takes millions upon millions of dollars to build an entire new land (not even counting the rides) and they are currently building 3 of them. They will be trying to cut budgets anywhere they can to make sure these lands get done sometime before the next century. …or at least I hope that’s whats happening.

    2. MTV

      Many fans have been complaining about the lack of new attractions, refurbs, and upkeep at WDW over the last few years. Now, all of this stuff is happening yet fans are still complaining. Wipe your tears, move on, and enjoy all of the other attractions until Dinosaur reopens refreshed.

  2. NICH

    One of my favorite attractions at all time. Very happy to see Disney taking the effort in refurbishing an attraction so good. Can’t wait to enjoy this dark ride attraction when it DOES open.

  3. Brian

    We had our FP moved from Dinosaur to Expedition Everest. Bad thing is, our daughter was finally tall enough for Dinosaur but is not tall enough for Everest. So the FP reschedule although a nice effort is pretty much a throwaway for us.

  4. I really hope this ride isn’t closed for good. And I also hope they aren’t completely changing the ride.

  5. Brian

    We have had our fast passes changed from Dinosaur to the primal whirl. It’s such a shame as Dinosaur is a favourite of ours and we may not be back to wdw for a long time.

  6. Marie C Jimenez

    Very dissapointed. I love Dinosaurs. They changed my FP but my ride was at noon and the new FP was for 6 PM.??? I changed it but it is a wrong move to keep closing the few attractions of A Kingdom but keep charging the same for admission in order to see construction. Walt Disney would not allow this. He built an under ground network to keep his guests from loosing the magic!!!! This construction is less than magical!!!!

    1. Ben

      What construction, Pandora? You can’t hardly see any construction of Pandora within the park. Dinosaur’s refurb is indoor as it’s a fully indoor attraction.

      Also, there really is not much you can do about attractions periodically going into a closed refurb state. Construction and refurb involves real physical infrastrusture work, so while maintenance can extend full refurbs, it is necessary for operations at any developed property, including a single family home.

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