Comments for Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ casts Colin Firth alongside Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Photo by Arthur Newman


  1. Mia Cav

    Nope. I will see it, but … seriously, they need to come up with fresh movies, not sequels to Classics or Masterpieces.

  2. Lewis

    I don’t agree ! As a child this was my favourite film and now I do not feel anything can compare , it will ruin Mary Poppins. We need fresh films , why can’t anyone come up with that rather then re-makes all the time! No one will ever be as amazing as Julie Andrews.

  3. JimJ

    Emily Blunt and Colin Firth are way too old to play roles in Mary Poppins. Maybe they fixed it with “The film is set to take place 25 years after the original movie”. That’s like putting a bandaid on a cut. The appeal of Mary Poppins is a nanny that’s good to kids. Not whatever’s happening to old folks. The Banks children should be married with kids of their own. I think there’s 20 year difference between Emily Blunt and Colin Firth to be siblings.

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