Comments for Walt Disney World now requires a finger scan for younger children to enter the parks


Credit: Disney


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    What kind of fraud was going on with children’s tickets?

    1. Garaan

      I think it was that they’d have 2-3 kids and one kid’s ticket and let some of them stay at the hotel and play in the pool while one kid used the ticket, then hand the ticket to Kid #2 while Kid #1 took his turn in the pool.

  2. Angela

    however parents who do not want their children’s fingers scanned can simply use their own instead.
    if you scan your your own finger you can still get away with the fraud??

  3. but just stayed there and didn’t leave the park, but it seemed like years ago when I went to Disneyworld in Orlando, left and came back they stamped the hand to re enter. Is that no longer done, that’s the best way to avoid THAT particular fraud that Garaan was talking about.

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