VIDEOS: Halloween season returns to Disneyland with spooky decorations and the delightful Haunted Mansion Holiday

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It’s that time of year again! Fall is descending on Southern California, and that can mean only one thing for local theme park fans: Halloween season!

Every year in early-to-mid-September, Disneyland makes a grand transformation into a festive autumn wonderland, decking Main Street USA with jack o’lanterns both big and small, and putting up colorful banners of yellow and orange to reflect the season and help fans get into the holiday mood. The air starts to turn crisp, the summer crowds dissipate, and the spirits begin to emerge.


Over in New Orleans Square, of course, Halloween time means the Haunted Mansion has metamorphosed into Haunted Mansion Holiday, with Jack Skellington taking over the ghostly retreat and revamping it into one big tribute to “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

This year Jack also managed to dig up Disneyland’s long-lost Imagineer tombstones, which had been missing from the hill alongside the Haunted Mansion queue for some time.


Inside the mansion, guests are treated (as always) to a new spooky gingerbread house as the centerpiece of the ballroom scene. This time, the cool-looking house is inspired by the Sally character and one of the tombs in the Haunted Mansion’s graveyard scene.


Speaking of Sally, a simple animatronic representation of Jack’s girlfriend has also been added to the aforementioned graveyard scene. Leaning against a tombstone, Sally’s eyes blink and her legs move as she gazes in Jack’s direction.


Finally, we have a video of this year’s full Haunted Mansion Holiday attraction. It’s always a treat for fans of both the Haunted Mansion and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Hopefully everyone gets a chance to check it out before it disappears once again in early January.


Halloween Time is already in full swing at Disneyland (it officially began last Friday, September 9th) and will run through October 31st, appropriately enough. Be sure to visit Disneyland Resort’s official website for tickets and more information!

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