Comments for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror sign comes down from Disney California Adventure attraction


  1. Sara

    It’s called “Late Check Out” not “Early Check Out”.

    1. Surya Fernandez

      Fixed, thanks

  2. Daniel

    If I remember correctly late check out is only in the evening. Guests can still do the normal ride experience during the day 🙂 just a heads up.

    1. Late check out starts at 7 for now but will move up as it starts to get dark earlier.

  3. Frank

    Dumbest decision ever i will never visit California adventure again

    1. Nikki

      I agree. This is part of my family’s culture

    2. Jeremy

      Yes you will…..Let the ride live on in your memory and tell stories of it. You were a part of something that future patrons will never have the chance to experience . It’s bittersweet and I know your crestfallen, but time heals all and Disney will soothe you once again.

  4. Jim

    What does this mean for the WDW version?

    1. This means that the WDW will now become one of three Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attractions instead of one of four.

      1. Diego

        They’re actually changing that one too

  5. So is there audio of the ride still or did they just change that too?

    1. No during the day its the normal ride. 2hr prior to closing, its lights out. There is no sound or anything. The drop sequence also is changed.

      1. The soul was on Sunday night but parts of it were missing.

  6. r

    Sucks balls

    1. Stones would be more appropriate.

  7. DC

    Absolutely disgusting. If I ran Disney, this wouldn’t be happening. I’d sell off Marvel and Star Wars removing all traces of them from the parks. I’d bring in Joel Schumacher to direct the MCU and make all the heroes wear nipples and kill the entire supehero genre. If Disney lost the rights to Marvel and Star Wars they’d be just fine. The parks would instead go backwards and then stagnate like fine wine.

  8. Jedijiminy

    Has lost sight of a lot of things do to greed . Tower of terror is iconic. It shows the new generation of what was popular on tv and brings back the nostalgia for the rest of us! Disney has lost so much to the parks country bear , people movers , carousel of progress , etc! Where are our memories going? Where will it end ? What will our children and there children have if everything is changed? There erasing the past ? Why for money????? Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave to see what his vision has turned too ! There losing sight of so much ! Hope someone there open their eyes before it’s to late !

    1. Greg

      WTF, ALL THREE of the attractions you mentioned are still in Florida. You can see them anytime you want! What’s that you say? Not willing to fly to Florida to see them? And THAT is why they get torn out for something new!

  9. Tiffany

    Well done JL! (Except for the sad news part)

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