‘Stitch’s Great Escape’ Attraction Changing to Seasonal Operation at Magic Kingdom This Fall

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Stitch's Great Escape

The Tomorrowland attraction Stitch’s Great Escape is changing to a seasonal operation schedule this fall at the Magic Kingdom. As of Oct. 2, the attraction will not be open daily, according to a Walt Disney World spokeswoman via Orlando Sentinel.

The attraction featuring the little blue alien character ‘Stitch’ will instead operate on a schedule depending on seasonal demand, and its last day of regular operation will be Oct. 1.

Stitch’s Great Escape opened in late 2004 and took the much more scary ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter attraction. Having an attraction move to a seasonal schedule is usually not a good sign for its future, and rumors have been circulating that a ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ themed attraction could be taking Stitch’s place.

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What Should Replace Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom?

Would you be sad to see Stitch’s Great Escape change to something else?

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