‘Stitch’s Great Escape’ attraction changing to seasonal operation at Magic Kingdom this fall

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The Tomorrowland attraction Stitch’s Great Escape is changing to a seasonal operation schedule this fall at the Magic Kingdom. As of Oct. 2 the attraction will not be open on a daily basis according to a Walt Disney World spokeswoman via Orlando Sentinel.

The attraction featuring the little blue alien character ‘Stitch’ will instead operate on a schedule depending on seasonal demand and its last day of regular operation will be Oct. 1.

Stitch’s Great Escape opened in late 2004 and took the place of the much more scary ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter attraction. Having an attraction move to a seasonal schedule is usually not a good sign for the its future and rumors have been circulating that a ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ themed attraction could be taking Stitch’s place.

Would you be sad to see Stitch’s Great Escape change to something else?


  1. Experminent 626

    Stitch says fuck you Disney

  2. Experiment 626

    Stitch cant fucking spell so fucking sue me. Still fuck you Disney

    1. Caleb

      Um… are you allowed to be using language like that on this type of website? Pretty inappropriate…

    2. Greg

      You are an idiot 626. Are these comments not moderated or what?

      1. EricJ

        The “moderators” are the ones writing all the Batman and horror columns…What’s YOUR guess?

  3. Cassie

    I’ve only been on this attraction twice, once when I was a child and it scared me so much I didn’t brave it again until last year when I had an anxiety attack about half way though. So, obviously I’ll be more than happy to see this go. I’ll be incredibly happy if Wreck-It Ralph replaces it as that is one of my favorite Disney movies and it would make sense with the upcoming sequel.

    1. Hunter

      Good thing you didn’t do extraterrestrial Alien encounter. That was bad. As a 5 year old it scared me. For Stitch that’s nothing compared to the level that they did with Alien and how bad that was.

      1. KENNY

        I went to MK at 17 for the first time and Alien was amazing. Stich is a comedy compared. Agree. When I take my kids…I use this ride to take a nap

  4. Ken Hutchinson

    Does this mean the end for the attraction? Make it seasonal and see how much noise comes out of it?

  5. Ken

    Its certainly sad I loved Alien Encounter and when it changed to stitch i felt it gave a stronger disney fan appeal . I don’t want to see it go . There are many avenues they could take to remedy things there . River country is currently being filled in they could maneuver obsolete attractions to there and open up a fan based run of attractions that have been closed like mr.toads wild ride , stitches great escape and so forth also have a rotation of obsolete charecters in the park to help with attendance. When they did one day on photo pass day attendance went through the roof and it is a great way to help keep people coming . Every day at disney is different and this would help keep it that way and expand its fan base.

  6. Mario B

    What does Wreck it Ralph have to do with Tomorrowland and the future?

  7. Ryan

    The Stitch attraction was an awful replacement for Alien Encounter. Wreck It Ralph sounds just as bad. This is Tomorrowland. How about something that actually showcases the future, and not another silly idea like Stitch or Laugh Floor?

    1. You got that right. Wreck-it Ralph sounds just as bad as ever.

    2. Don

      Laugh floor may not really have to do with the future but it’s a great attraction. And I would be sad to see stitchs great escape go wreck it Ralph would be cool too.

    3. KENNY

      Laugh floor needs to go.

  8. EricJ

    Wreck-It Ralph? I doubt it. (Unless Screamscape’s-Disease takes hold, or Bob Iger gets a little too promotion-happy about the sequel.)

    But, yeah, sounds like they’re grooming a slow closing for some kind of replacement.
    And if you say Screamscape’s-Disease can’t happen, think back just how exactly we GOT Stitch’s Great Escape in the old Alien Encounter building in the first place…

  9. I say good riddance. Echo comments about a futuristic attraction as preferable to wreck it Ralph, but almost anything would be better than Stitch

  10. Charles

    Stich is very boring when it was Alien Encounter I felt Disney’s scary side we need one ride back for adults

  11. Harley

    SGE is set to close in Jan! This is official coming from mk employees they were told today. I wish AEC would come back as that was set to return before sugar rush or even miles from Tomorrowland… But in reality if something were to replace rather the later BC at least miles is themed correctly!
    To the above mentioned comment about putting a area somewhere for us to relive our favorite deceased rides be awesome as my son whom never got to see any of it but thanks to me is a fan would love that and I am sure there are many others adults/kids alike whom would agree with you!

  12. OptimusPrimeXS

    Bring back Alien Encounter. That was one scary ride, which is now the type of ride Disney seems to go for now. I like Stitch as a character but don’t like this attraction.

  13. Harley

    Also I don’t know truly what screamscape or iger have to do w AEC closing that was prior… But most believe it was 1 person complained it “scared children”! Aganist millions of guest that love it – WDW takes alien out replaces show exactly w stitch (if you sit on certain side you will still get ” blood” I mean “spit” on you AEC faces will get my refer). Safety D and WDW is happy — guests aren’t … This surprises anyone! It’s the Disney way!

    1. Jackie

      I agree with you as a fan (SP check Harley assume writing fast it happens to the best of us) –I wish for AEC back or Miles sounds more TTA Approved then Sugar Rush (even though I love vanellope even cosplayed her)!

    2. EricJ

      “Screamscape”, although it is a more comparatively professional fansite compared to the other theme-park-fanboy-rumor sites, is generally the codeword for the mass movement of Armchair Imagineer fanboys who all hit upon the same “brilliant” idea for the next park attraction, and then start spreading urban-legend rumors that Disney’s already working on it because they “should”, in the hopes they can somehow -will- the attraction into existence.
      Y’know, sort of like they did with Epcot’s Frozen attraction. Or Stitch’s Great Escape.

      “Bob Iger” is the codeword that lately, we’ve had a lot of attractions being greenlit just to cash in on some promotional hype movement–like the Toy Story Anniversary suddenly becoming a whole new land at the Studios, or Joe Rohde deciding that DL’s Tower of Terror needed to become a whole Guardians of the Galaxy ride just to promote next year’s sequel–rather than the old idea of an attraction being a longterm park experience with an immersive story.
      Iger, frankly, WOULD create a Sugar Rush attraction out of thin air, or even out of the sequel’s story idea, whatever it is, just to -tell- us about next year’s movie.

  14. Caleb

    If you watch AE ride footage on YouTube you will notice how dated the film portion of the attraction is. If they want to bring it back that would be cool but they should update the film. If not bring it back then bring in an original idea for an attraction.

  15. Karen M.

    I went on Stitch’s Great Escape for the first time a few weeks ago and, while it was cute, I was disappointed as I was expecting more. I wouldn’t be upset if it closed, but they need to replace it with something futuristic. I love Wreck-It Ralph, but it’s not appropriate for Tomorrowland.

    1. I agree. Wreck-it Ralph is not appropriate for Tomorrowland.

  16. Greg

    I have NO problem with this replacement. The problem with creating something “future-looking” in Tomorrowland, is that typically within a decade, it is no longer future-looking. That isn’t true for everything obviously, like anything that has to do with aliens, but it is something that has plagued Tomorrowland in the past. But Tomorrowland already has a racetrack, so why not add a virtual reality racetrack? My guess is, the attraction will be top notch, and a big hit. People have been complaining about Stitch’s Great Escape for years, and now that they plan to replace it with something cool, some people aren’t happy that it isn’t the RIGHT replacement. Get over it.

    I miss the original Maelstrom, primarily for sentimental reasons, but recognize that the Frozen replacement is far superior, and brings more people into that park. I applaud Disney’s willingness to upgrade rides to better versions. Every change isn’t a win, with Stitch being a great example, but you have to at least see the replacement before passing judgement.

  17. Shirley

    I HATE that attraction, get it out of the park!

  18. Brad

    As cool as the Wreck It Ralph Attraction that has been rumored sounds, it has nothing to do with Tomorrowland, if anything isn’t the entire Wreck it Ralph Franchise centered around dated Arcade Games?

    1. Harley

      As I posted in my earlier comment, miles from Tomorrowland attraction was orginially headed for this building. Which makes sense to me miles from “Tomorrowland”! Stella on the ship is same if not similar voice to lady on TTA in Tomorrowland! It’s all obvious to me but as always the guests don’t run wdw we just fund it w revenue… Who cares what we think billionares!

    2. Indeed Wreck-it Ralph has nothing to do with Tomorrowland.

  19. Victoria

    I’d like to see some attraction still exist with stitch, maybe some new ride for him?

    I’m sad I never got to go on this ride. I absolutely love stitch as a character.

    Wreck it Ralph would be cool.

    I just hope when I do get to finally return to Disney World Stitch merchandise at the very least still exists in abundance. At most hope Stitch gets a new ride. I’d love to be able to get a photo with the character.

    1. EricJ

      Haven’t seen much of Lilo OR Stitch lately, except for Aulani or the Cruise ships.
      Stitch is a hard M&G character to cast (he’s shorter than Mickey), but as for why Lilo hasn’t shown up either, think the original movie fell off of Disney’s radar after the cartoon series left Disney Channel and got its own DTV finale.
      I wasn’t fond of the movie, but I don’t want to be the one to say it “hasn’t aged well” from the early 00’s when we thought Chris Sanders would come riding to the rescue and slay Michael Eisner.

      1. emily

        I meat lilo in august at typhoon lagoon

  20. Greg

    It is very disappointing that ITM has allowed the original comments on this post to stay put. I contacted Corinne two days ago to point out the inappropriate language and she said, “Will remedy that.” Well, the comments are still there, two days later. This site USED TO BE family friendly. It is sad to see that that is no longer a priority here.

  21. Peter

    my daughter made a great suggestion two weeks ago on our latest WDW visit. she said that the stitch site would make a great attraction based around the jail break sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy, and I agree. It would certainly fit the space/future theme.

  22. Wreck-it Ralph is a terrible idea for Tomorrowland.

  23. Sue

    I thought the Lilo & Stitch attraction was horrendous and definitely not up to Disney standards. Truly surprising that this was such a miss. It does need to go to make room for something better. Disney could definitely do something fun with Wreck it Ralph. Love that idea!

  24. Don

    Stitchs great escape may not be everyone’s favorite ride but I like it. Maybe make a new stitch ride instead of it.

  25. Elaine

    I adored Alien Encounter, and must admit was pleasantly shocked at how scary it was…to be honest, too scary for Disney.
    I guess lilo and stitch was more age appropriate, but I won’t miss it.
    I would like to see another futuristic hologram ride in its place, but something a bit edgy and exciting. Take a cue form Universal, Disney Dudes!!!!!! Escape from Gringotts… Now there’s a ride!!!!

  26. Collin

    Lelo and Stitch was an awesome movie with cartoon episodes with it.
    Id really hate it if it would be changed to Recket Ralph.
    In stead change the laugh floor I’m there right now and it is dead.

  27. Andrew Fontanez

    I suggest they bring back Alien Encounter the attraction short lived because of parents complaining about how dark and scary it is it’s the parents fault the ride closed in the first place theme park guests these days want to be thrilled and frightened like Tower of Terror so I suggest they bring back Alien Encounter because the main reason the magic kingdom needs a scary thrilling experience like Tower of Terror at Hollywood studios and Dinosaur at animal kingdom Disney Parks isn’t just for little kids its for teens and adults too that’s Walt Disney himself wants us to be thrilled

  28. Chase

    Disney hasn’t made a good decision in AGES. They have only focused on bringing Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen into the parks and its killing me. Replacing Tower of Terror w Guardians of the Galaxy was a real loss of disrespect, a major sell out. If they brought back Alien Encounter, OR came up w a new original scary more thrilling attraction directed at teens the same way Tower of Terror and Alien Encounter are/were that would definitely restore my faith into the company. If they brought in Wreck It Ralph into Tomorrowland it wouldn’t make any sense and overall would be disappointing.

    1. Andrew Fontanez

      They have bring back Alien Encounter I’ve never gotten the chance to experience it Tower of Terror and Dinosaur is a dark and scary experience too so instead of Wreck-It-Ralph bring back Alien Encounter the magic kingdom needs something more thrilling and scary too like tower of terror they can put wreck it Ralph where the old Galaxy palace theater used to be at

  29. I love stitch no take away

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