Comments for Photos: Aladdin and Jasmine Debut New Outfits at Disney Parks



  1. Jame

    Horrible horrible horrible. I can’t believe they took away such a classic look and replaced it with this trash. Jasmine is hardly recognizable anymore. It actually looks like something you’d find at Party City. This definitely isn’t the best quality that Disney offers that’s for sure.

    1. Makayla

      I agree because the costumes they have on those two look like they are trying to kill the Disney look.

  2. Olyvia DiDiano

    This is terrible. The new costume looks NOTHING like princess Jasmine. The color is off, and the fabric looks cheap. What is up with the wig? I am so disappointed. Bring back the old authentic costume!

    1. I agree wit the wig …it’s not good! but he costume looks pretty good, its very detailed if you look carefully at it. oh and..technically jasmine is arabic, and the clothes in the movie we’rent supposed to look like cuz guess what? THE CLOTHING WASN’T ACCURATE TO THE ARABIC CULTURE! even in the movie…..it looked like indian clothing to be hnest…NOT ARAB. I know since im arab……..so its way better when she and he are completly covered cuz that’s how traditional clothes were and STILL ARE!

  3. Frank


  4. Sue

    Aladdin looks like a drum major for the Agrabah High School marching band and Jasmine looks like she just joined the FLDS polygamous cult. Horrible.

    1. Megan

      Spot on! I died lol!!!

    2. Bq

      If I could like this comment 1000 times I would ???

    3. Cuca la rana


  5. JLG

    I do not know why anyone would complain. Princess Jasmine’s costume was appropriate for where she is supposed to be from. People see much more skin at a beach. I do not think there was anything improper about the original costume. Please bring back the original costume. Some people complain just to complain they are not happy unless they cause distraction for the multitudes. I am sure you did not have that many complaints if any to validate changing the costume.

    1. Anthony

      You’ll notice no one is complaining about the Ursula in the Little Mermaid ride and telling her to cover up…this constant and public shaming of attractive women is a weird form of psychosis.

      1. exo

        AGREED !!

  6. Roddy Barros

    Poor Jasmine. She suffered a nasty case of the PC virus! 🙁

    I wonder if Disney will re-release the movies with this digitally-altered outfit as well…

  7. Kaitlynn

    I do not like this new costume. It looks so cheap and simple. I understand if Disney wants to be more modest. However they should have just made the top longer then….

  8. Tabitha

    Ummm…who thought it was a good idea to give Jasmine weird bangs?

  9. David B.

    The castmember playing Jasmine has to to stand within “groping distance” of park visitors , and I imagine she felt extrememly vulnerable. Ask yourself which version you’d feel better about wearing when you have to sidle up and hug hundreds of strangers every day. I suspect that long, ponytail wig was also an easy target for disrespectful guests

    1. Marie McG

      Personally, I’m with you on this one. I think the old costume looked more like I Dream of Jeannie than Jasmine from Aladdin. I like the new costume, and perhaps it’s only for the more “chilly” nights in Florida? Can you imagine having to stand outside in the original costume when it’s 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside? I think not. They could have made that top part between the gold collar and the ‘vest’ portion sheer material like the sleeves, unless it rips easily. Part of their costuming probably depends on how well it will last, too!

      1. EricJ

        All the face characters have fall/winter costumes, and classic Jasmine had a matching long-drapey wrap-coat for cold weather.
        At least in Disneyland, they have to do the stage show, so the royal outfits make some sense, while at MK, they’re still in the Agrabah marketplace. That’s why Anaheim gets to test out all the crazy redesign ideas first.

      2. How can you say it is not good, it WAS a replica of the film, now it is nothing like it!!

    2. Anthony

      “Groping” incidents at Disneyland (dunno about Disney World) are extrememly rare if not unheard of, since most characters have a handler, a security guard, and dozens of park employees around them at any given time. While I was working there I don’t remember hearing of a single incident where a performer was touched inappropriately.

  10. Renee

    Perhaps it will be warmer for her to do meet n greets?
    I’m not a fan of the look, but maybe it’s temporary.

    1. Allison

      In Florida, being warmer during meet and greets is not a good thing.

  11. Ryan Serowinski

    Aladdin looks cool in his new costume! Jasmine looks more cuter than her older appearance!

    1. Pang

      I agree with you. The new outfits aren’t bad at all… If cast members playing Jasmine and Aladdin were the White, that was more horrible.

  12. Danielle

    If it was all about modesty they could have changed her into her wedding dress or her one purple dress (movie 2 I think) they didn’t need to stray so far from the original Disney outfits just pick an outfit from another movie not this ugly thing.

  13. Kathy

    Do not like it at all. Has no relation to the movie what’s so ever…. Are you go to photoshop the film now… Horrible mistake..

  14. Ash

    More like catering to the Muslims because they are offended and Disney wants their money.

    1. C Mack

      Isn’t Aladdin set in a Muslim country?

      1. Ash

        Aladdin is set in the fictional city of Agrabah. It never existed, so…. I don’t know if they have religion like that?

        1. Kady Yeomans

          Her father literally says “By Allah…”

          1. Liz

            He actually says, “May Allah forbid you have any daughters.”
            Also, aside from a possible language thing, it doesn’t really make sense since Aladdin and Jasmine pass a guy who is clearly working on a sphinx (we’re talking B.C. here. Islam wasn’t around until A.D.). I seriously doubt that the carpet is the TARDIS.

  15. Duy

    Every time a new outfit debuts everyone gives it negative comments. This is part of the redesigns we have seen in years. It’s ornate, it’s more appropriate to several Arabian cultures.
    And no, one of the comments was very rude to Muslims. It doesn’t cater to anyone or have to do with money.
    They’re bound for a redesign anyway. Deal with it.

    1. EricJ

      Cinderella’s redesign made sense, since it made her look a little more contemporary and less like a 1950 character, but every other redesign lately seems to be for marketing purposes–
      It could be that there may be some royalty issue to the movie-icon design, but the others have been just plain awful.
      Jasmine/Muslim issues aside, don’t get me -started- on Pocahontas.

  16. sam quan

    They need to go back to their original outfits not this new one.

  17. Jen

    Princess Jasmin’s old costume was good quality material and represented the Disney culture. The new look resembles more cheap like attire from the 1800’s.

  18. Melissa

    Not a fan. She doesn’t look terribly recognizable as Jasmine from the movie. Aladdin’s at least wearing sometime similar to what he wears at one point in the movie, but it’s the Prince Ali outfit – as in, when he was pretending to be something he isn’t. I prefer the “real” Aladdin. Apart from my not liking their new outfits, I imagine they’ll both be hotter during meet and greets too, now.

  19. EricJ

    I realize I’ll be corporately overruled on preferring Jasmine’s classic “just around the castle” tube-top to her wedding-style dresses, but Aladdin should be street-rat Aladdin and not Prince Ali.
    As they were, in their “everyday” outfits, it suggested that the two still hung out together as friends like they did on the TV series, without worrying about the whole royal-wedding thing or Aladdin pretending to be something he’s not.

    (They also had great Aladdins who could play the “street thief” character–
    One time, one kept saying, “Can I hold your bag for a second”, and Jasmine was secretly signaling “No…NO.”) 😉

  20. Dan

    Please people, they’re cartoon characters in a fictional story! Why should it matter what they’re dressed in as long as you enjoy posing and taking pictures with them? Be thankful, don’t be critical.

    1. EricJ

      To us good-sport grownups, maybe.
      When you’ve got a 4-yo. who sees a character look EXACTLY like they did in the video they’ve watched at home a hundred times, just try telling them they’re not “real”… 🙂

      1. Vic

        Exactly!! My daughter works as a princess and believe me, Kids notice every detail!!!

  21. Emma Wells

    I absolutely hate it. She’s barely even recognisable, same as Mulan! And that neckline is so awkward. Even Cinderella is now showing more skin than Jasmine! So far Disney have really disappointed in the women of colour’s redesigns.

  22. Bunny

    I have heard, maybe or maybe not from somebody in Disney HR, that some Islamic folk complained that this is not how a woman from that region should be presented and it may or may not have made an effect on the change in costume to save a lawsuit.

    1. The character is fictional! Jasmine has been around for years. Why all the fuss now?

    2. David Baumann

      No sir I know you did not hear that. Nice try at the popularity contest though better luck next time.

  23. Caterina

    Hate it! I dislike both of the outfits, they are ugly.

  24. Andrew

    If all the other original eight princesses received a new look, then why not Jasmine? Plus, I think David B. makes a good point how Jasmine probably feels more comfortable giving hugs in this look than her old one.

  25. Nope. Not on board. She looks nothing like the character from the movie now. If you wanted a bit more coverage, then fill in the midrift. This makes her look years older. Fail.

  26. Jill

    Not only is the costume not beautiful, but WHAT is that little random fringe in the middle of her forehead? Her hair is flat and NOT pretty!

  27. Lisa

    What was the need to change? This looks cheap and nothing like them. I have to agree with everyone else’s comments, it looks terrible!

  28. Geoff

    A change is one thing, a radical change like this is bad. She’s not recognizable, and it’s not even a good ‘alternation’ to her initial outfit. Yea, I’m not a fan.

  29. Jalena Nielsen

    LOVE IT!!!! I’m so glad they changed it! She looks so much classier now.

    1. Natalie

      So women can’t be classy with their midriff showing? We have to have dresses with turtlenecks and floor length gowns to look “classy”? Please.

  30. David Chinery

    Absolutely don’t like the change. Jasmine’s outfit is boring and cheap looking.

  31. Marcus

    I’m sorry, but when did Jasmine look like Kris Jenner in the movie? Why the freak does she have bands hanging down the middle? And if they wanted her in a dress, what was so wrong with the lilac outfit?!

  32. Jetohu

    Are these the characters from Six Flags or from the Disney parks? I know your article is talking about the Disney parks but the picture is screaming Six Flags or Busch Gardens costuming at best. They look like when another animation company does their take on a fairy tale that Disney has domineered; likke a knockoff or a second-tier choice. This looks like a Hydrox when we all really know everybody would always prefer Oreos.

  33. Marcus

    I’m sorry, but when did Jasmine look like Kris Jenner in the movie? Why the freak does she have bangs hanging down the middle? And if they wanted her in a dress, what was so wrong with the lilac outfit?!

  34. Bswizzle


  35. Cuca la rana

    OMG! it’s so horrible, uggly, hideous, cheap … and please where’re Jasmine and Aladdin?? ah ok, they’re on this picture, sorry I don’t recognize them!!! really you forget the headscarf… Disney you must advocate liberty and please respect yours characters : on the movie Jasmine and Aladdin were like the old costumes not like these bags of potatoes.

  36. Vicki

    It wasn’t broke…. Don’t fix it!!!

  37. C

    Disney needs to bring the old costumes back, but let’s be real, are they really going to listen to us?

  38. Alicia

    Terrible. Just leave well enough alone. That is not what she wore in the movie. Are you going to change that next?

  39. MsB

    I am not happy at all about this change and I have nothing nice to say about it. It does not reflect the character as portrayed in the movie or her toys. In addition, the reasons for covering her up, be they cultural or sexual harassment related, are very troubling.

    “Why is Jasmine wearing a new outfit, mummy?”

    “Well, darling, men might think they own her if she dressed the way she wanted. And as women, we are responsible for how men act and what they think. So she covered herself up so as to not to provoke being molested. Here, sweetie, let’s get you some more appropriate clothes so you don’t distract the boys. It’s so much easier than teaching the boys about basic respect.”

    1. Natalie

      Amen!! Lol

  40. EricJ

    And now with the new Mickey redesign….Anaheim just starts changing EVERYTHING when they get bored, don’t they?

  41. Luke

    Horrible and Aladdin looks like a 12 year old kid !

  42. I’m really tired of all the hate? Like i understand she looks WAY different but things have to change once in awhile!! Shes beautiful and Its okay to have your own opinion but i don’t understand why all of you are being so rude about it? It’s okay to dislike but chill a little, aren’t you all adults? Personally im not fond on how it is so different from the original but she’s still beautiful!! <3

  43. Heather

    I mean I agree that it is different than the movie and my nostalgia is being violated, but I dont think its that terrible of a change. I also think people need to give their kids more credit. I showed just the new outfits to my 4 year old [without preshowing her anything else] and I asked her which Disney characters those were and she said “Jasmine and Aladdin”. She still has the same color clothes, very similar hair – is it different? Yes. Is it unrecognizable? No, I don’t think so, and it plays some homage to their story origination general area. Not classic, but not the worst design.

  44. Disneyphilip

    All of you complaining about these changes need to knock it off!

    They had to change it because too many of Jasmine’s friends complained about receiving unwanted attention from perverted men.

  45. Christy

    So I’d showing stomach is to much, are they also going to cover up Ariel? I mean shell nipple covers are even more revealing!

    1. Natalie

      She’ll be the next victim.. Lol mermaids should be fully wrapped in net and seaweed from neck to tail, didn’t you know? Lol

  46. What Would Walt Do?

    Absolutely despicable. If I ran the costume department for the Disney parks, all the face characters would look 100% screen accurate (can’t do anything about physical bodies, lol). I’d undo all the princess makeovers in the past few years and even undo the changes to Mickey and Minnie as well. If the PC nuts complained, they’d be brushed aside so badly, that it cause them to boycott Disney products. Disney wouldn’t miss them.

    1. Natalie

      Completely agree!! Bring back the originals!!

  47. exo

    It looks…random. nothing magic

  48. Elizabeth

    Ok let’s see… Aladdin looks like a drum major for a marching band while Jasmin looks like she is in the color guard. Like a color guard where the band directors chose the most hideous fabric they could find and wrapped it around her.

  49. D

    Change is one thing.

    Turning jasmine into a dollar store knockoff is another.

  50. Roseblood

    Frankly it looks like a combination of her regular costume and her wedding dress from the other movie. I like it, and find it far more practical, especially for the fall and winter seasons. I think it should be up to the actress on which costume she wishes to wear. Though I do like the change, it will add more variety, and that means cosplayers will have more ‘canvas’ to work with for their own designs. I will be interested in seeing what the Steampunkers will do with it.
    Also as I am sure Jasmine is probably one of the MOST sexually harassed, so perhaps enough actresses have just had enough of it? There may be other reasons too. imagine yourself being in that position…

  51. Cbristina

    They’re ugly

  52. Mandi

    This is AWFUL! Poorly designed, poorly thought out. Hideous!!

  53. Jayne

    Based on some of the attire I saw on various guests during a recent visit to Walt Disney World, I’m hoping that Disney starts addressing that issue next. Seriously some people need to put some clothes on.

  54. Andrea

    I don’t care for the costume change too much, but I think it’s also cause they got rid of her signature hairstyle. It doesn’t look like Jasmine to me. If they changed her hairstyle bank, I think I could like the outfit more

    1. Kira

      It looks oriental in design to me, not middle eastern :/

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