Comments for ‘Moulin Rouge’ to Finally Become a Full-Fledged Broadway Musical!

Moulin Rouge


  1. Otto

    I love the movie, but the movie also get it’s look and feel from the art direction and over the top camera work. Still I would love to see it in a theater, preferably dolled up like the Moulin Rouge.

  2. Steph

    this is a dream come true! Too bad I doubt it will be open when I plan to travel to NYC in March.

  3. kristen

    the movie came out in 2001, so I guess these 90s theater kids were also time travelers

    1. Surya Fernandez

      Fixed the typo, thanks.

    2. EricJ

      Well, he meant the “90’s kids” who had never seen a movie musical in their life since 1986, thought Moulin, quote, “brought back” the musical since Chicago didn’t open till ’02, and then later flocked to High School Musical in ’06 thinking THAT one had invented the idea of singing in a movie.
      As for “Why Broadway?”, that’s only because producers have homaged every -other- niche-gay cult movie.

  4. Arden

    This news is beyond amazing! The show is going to be so spectacular, and I will count the minutes until the curtains open! I have watched Moulin Rouge countless times and analyzed the film and director every chance I had in college. It’s legendary! (P.S. I never comment on anything, so I hope that goes to show how excited I am about this.)

  5. Lara

    I loved Moulin Rouge the movie a lot.
    I’ve seen the movie three times.
    The costumes the special effects the music were amazing.
    Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor acted really well in the film.
    I think it would be amazing if it turned into a Musical.

  6. Louise dunn

    Most amazing news!! That film was made for the stage

  7. Dave

    Dear God, NO!!!!

  8. JimJ

    Although I enjoyed the movie, I thought it was cringing when they sang Madonna songs and did Bollywood dances. I won’t be buying a ticket.

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