Comments for When Shadows Fall officially opens uniquely interactive experience, combining live theater and gaming in Orlando


  1. EricJ

    Ricky….Welcome back!
    Hey, while you’re here stopping through, could you do us a favor?: Get rid of this psychotic fanboy idiot who’s sending your site down the toilet!
    After two solid weeks of Halo and Suicide Squad threads, we PROMISE we won’t complain about Haunted Mansion and Universal Halloween threads ever again?

    …Or was that the idea in the first place?

    1. Aaron

      Did you see the announcement a few months back on their YouTube channel “The New ITM”? They said about gaming and how the site’s going to be changing a bit, and so this has been on the cards for a while.

  2. Steve

    Good luck Ricky, and I hope when you get some time you post some more on the site – but I doubt you’ve had much time to visit theme parks while building this interactive experience!

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