When Shadows Fall officially opens uniquely interactive experience, combining live theater and gaming in Orlando

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What if I told you I’ve been living in a secret society that’s been hidden in Orlando for nearly 3 decades? And – what if I told you that it’s now open for you to join?

That’s the premise behind When Shadows Fall, a new interactive experience that made its official debut last night in an undisclosed location in Orlando, not too far from the city’s many theme parks.

When Shadows Fall is entirely unique to this city, mashing up the worlds of theater and gaming into an experience that’s truly unlike anything else around. As Producer and Technical Director of this new experience, I could write endlessly about what it means to me to have been part of the amazingly creative and talented team that has put When Shadows Fall together – and how you should rush out to come see it.

But I am obviously biased, so let me step aside and offer some words directly from a few of our players (audience members) that have become rather obsessed with When Shadows Fall during the preview weeks that led up to last night. Here are some direct quotes from our new fans:

“An experience worth talking about”
“Wonderfully creative and immersive experience”
“A truly awesome concept for entertainment in Orlando”
“Offers memories, fun, mystery, and an experience you won’t soon forget”
“Absolutely returning multiple times”
“When Shadows Fall does not disappoint”
“Can’t recommend this enough”
“Thought-provoking game play”
“Worth every penny”
“Absolute artistry of the universe is so hard to put into words”
“Everyone needs to see this amazing production”
“A once in a lifetime experience that I would 110% do again.”
“A rapidly growing phenomenon”
“One of the best immersive experiences ever”

When Shadows Fall is not an escape room, haunted house, virtual reality experience, ride, stage show, or any other well-known type of attraction. This is something entirely new and different – and that’s hard to describe.

For 2+ hours, players step into an alternate world – the society of Penumbra – and from the moment they are inside, they are transported to this fictional place that feels entirely real. And it is up to each player to determine where the experience goes from there. With 14 roles to choose from, each path through Penumbra is entirely unique. As players make their choices and decisions, they influence and change exactly how the story plays out, where it goes, and ultimately how it ends.

It is a microcosm for real life in which anyone can feel like they are the most important person, able to make significant changes to the world around them without worrying about real-world consequences. It’s a chance to break free from the burdens of everyday life and enjoy a fantasy for a couple hours in which even the most shy person can be empowered.

I’ve quoted our players above not to just sing our praises, but with the hope that you’ll get a better understanding about how When Shadows Fall has already changed people’s lives. This experience is something original and quite different from anything else found in Orlando – or anywhere else for that matter. And for that, I hope you’ll come and join us soon!

Tickets are now on sale through September 10th at WhenShadowsFall.com.


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