Comments for The Russo Brothers confirm that Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America


  1. JimJ

    Will Iron Man and Captain America both be played by black teenager girls? If casting changes, I’ll keep my dollar in my wallet.

    1. Rach

      Hey buddy your racism is showing.

      1. Reagan greer

        hes not being racist he was joking about whats happening in the comics right now with a teenage girl playing iron man which i dont need to tell you of how many levels of wrong that is

      2. JimJ

        I’m not racist. ITM itself reported on the casting changes for Iron Man in the comic books who will be replaced with a teenage black girl. Whether you want to see it is up to you.

      3. Berrin Andro

        This is what happens when we have an entire generation’s attention span drop below that of goldfish (not a hyperbole). Mentioning someone’s race = racist.

    2. You haven’t kept up with comics have you. I don’t think it makes sense but Iron Man is now a black woman. I’m serious.

  2. Erin

    JimJ: if you actually follow the captain America comic you would see that Steve Rogers in fact is not always captain America. Moreover, captain America is, at one point, portrayed by an African American.

    1. Reagan greer

      sam wilson aka falcon aka better than steve rogers. i think he will retire in the first part of infinity war then join back with the team

    2. JimJ

      This means nothing to me. I want to see Captain America as portrayed by Chris Evans. I hope they won’t deviate too much.

      1. In the comics, he has abandonded the costume but he is still the same person .

  3. Vader1976

    Jimj, that was just a very racist comment there, and just for the record, i’m not Black but most of my friends are

    1. Reagan greer

      hes not racist at all if you were up to date on the comics you would know what hes talking about

    2. JimJ

      I’m not white myself. Can’t I have my own opinion? I prefer my characters to be who they are originally. ITM itself reported on the casting changes for Iron Man in the comic books who will be replaced with a teenage black girl. Whether you want to see it is up to you.

  4. Shawna

    That breaks my heart….I’m a die hard fan but without Steve as Cap I’m done.Sorry you screwing up

  5. Just because he doesn’t wear the costume, doesn’t mean he isn’t Captain America. The America he grew up in and defended during WW2 no longer exists so it makes sense for him to abandon the shield but he will still fight for what he believes in. Anyone who is a fan of the comics know that a costume has nothing to do with who the person is.

  6. First of all I am black and this makes no sense to me.


  7. Erin

    I agree that the iron man changes make absolutely no sense. I’m definitely no on board with the iron man change up.

    In regards to the original comment…I think this is a very good example of how difficult it can be to denote emotion/author voice/etc from a typed comment

  8. DC

    Time for Disney to just dump Marvel entirely and remove every single trace of it from the parks. DC is much better anyway because of Superman, who would kill Captain America and all the Avengers with his heat vision.

  9. Lainy

    It seems to me, in light of CA: CW, if either Bucky ir Falcon takes up the shield/mantle, they would HAVE to sign the Accords, wouldn’t they? I don’t see that happening with Bucky, at least not while he’s a mess, he can’t trust himself so he’s back in the freezer by his own choice. Falcon, on the other hand, I would think if a situation is dire enough, he MIGHT talk things over with Steve before deciding to sign the Accords and taking up the Cap mantle.
    I know in the comics Steve Rogers is The Nomad, it would be interesting to see if that comes to be in the MCU…it’s all very, very exciting! 🙂

  10. Alex

    YES! Now we can finally have the one-nostriled, gay, black-hispanic, transgender, morbidly obese, two-souled, autistic, otherkin Captain America that we’ve always wanted! JACKPOT!

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