Comments for ‘Suicide Squad’ director reveals origins of Joker’s “damaged” tattoo and gold grill


  1. EricJ

    Adam, what can we PAY you to stop putting Jared Leto on the ITM front headline page every day?
    Must we wait the two or three months until SS has already been released on disk until you stop?

  2. JimJ

    Doesn’t matter to me. This is not my Joker.

  3. I for one love this joker i love the whole thug thing and for everyone who dosnt know jared lots joker takes after the bronze joker with the whole gang thing loving death and all that crazy ish but the tatoos and grill no but i really really like this new joker hes AMAZINGLY AMAZING and peoples thoughts about this joker is scattered meaning its half and half

  4. Noelle

    I rather like Jared Leto and while I agree that this is not THE BEST Joker, it is at least near my top 3 favorites (being that I don’t watch DC much). I understand there are many Joker and DC fans that were triggered by his appearance as SS’s Joker, but at least let the people who like this version enjoy it. :/

  5. Dianna Moore

    This is my favorite joker and jared as joker is so freaking hot. I could watch and hear this joker all day.

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