‘Suicide Squad’ director reveals origins of Joker’s “damaged” tattoo and gold grill

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When Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad Joker was officially revealed, fans went bananas over his new look (and not in a good way). Who the hell does this Joker think he is, with those awkwardly on-the-nose tattoos and…gold grills? Like, actual “thug-life” golden covers on his teeth. Is this why we can’t have nice things?

Well, it looks like ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer has finally shed some light on his choice to have the the Clown Prince of Crime all tatted up and straight up gangsta — along with that “damaged” tattoo that seems like something a Hot Topic employee would have gotten in 2004.

Turns out, in an interview with Empire, Ayer stated that while Joker’s tattoo is sort of a “personal thing” and not part of any relevant story connection, the whole thing started when Batman swooped in and bashed out Joker’s teeth before locking him away in Arkham Asylum after discovering that he murdered Robin.

As for the “damaged” tattoo — and I kind-of like this one — the Joker actually got this as a response to Batman beating him to a pulp saying “You’ve damaged me. I was so beautiful before and now you’ve destroyed my face.” Ayer also made sure to state that’s when the Joker began wearing the grill, which covers his damaged mouth. Knowing this is a direct response to Batman’s beat-down, to remind him of the monster he’s capable of becoming, seems like exactly the kind of stunt the Joker would pull (or at least, one version).

So what do you think of this reveal? Let me know what you think in the comments below, and stick with ITM for all things DC Extended Universe!


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    Adam, what can we PAY you to stop putting Jared Leto on the ITM front headline page every day?
    Must we wait the two or three months until SS has already been released on disk until you stop?

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    Doesn’t matter to me. This is not my Joker.

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    I for one love this joker i love the whole thug thing and for everyone who dosnt know jared lots joker takes after the bronze joker with the whole gang thing loving death and all that crazy ish but the tatoos and grill no but i really really like this new joker hes AMAZINGLY AMAZING and peoples thoughts about this joker is scattered meaning its half and half

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    I rather like Jared Leto and while I agree that this is not THE BEST Joker, it is at least near my top 3 favorites (being that I don’t watch DC much). I understand there are many Joker and DC fans that were triggered by his appearance as SS’s Joker, but at least let the people who like this version enjoy it. :/

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    Dianna Moore

    This is my favorite joker and jared as joker is so freaking hot. I could watch and hear this joker all day.

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