Comments for Steven Tyler’s “crude hand gesture” removed from Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  1. Ryan

    Disgusting how PC liberals are ruining America.

    1. Jason

      My god how terrible this country now is that they digitally altered a video on a theme park ride at a park geared towards children ….

      1. Wah

        It’s not a park nor ride geared toward children. You are poving you don’t know much.

    2. Fred Williams

      Actually the woman who publicly criticized this and ultimately got the gesture removed is a republican and is voting for Trump – her words.

      1. Amy

        Figures. ?

        1. LOL

          Look it up, problem solved…

          1. SK

            I looked it up, can’t confirm that anyway. It is 100% BS

      2. Scott


      3. Fred Williams

        Actually, nobody knows who complained, I just wanted to blame republicans because I think that they should always be blamed for everything no matter who did it. The press has been blaming republicans for every liberal mistake for 50 years, I do the same.

      4. Marc Suhanyi

        I call BS on that Fred.

    3. Pete

      Disgusting how PC conservatives are ruining America.

      1. Fred Williams

        PC is 100% a liberal thing

        1. I'm Right

          False, pearl stain.

      2. scords

        Walt Disney was a conservative, right wing, Republican.

    4. Steve

      Disgusting how politics are ruining America.

    5. Thorn

      I consider myself a liberal, and I honestly have no problem with the gesture. Sounds like typical, uptight, religious, holier than thou right winger to me.


      how do you know it was a PC liberal? Maybe it was a Christian Republican!

    7. David

      Thank you for so clearly expressing the full extent of your intellectual ability to analyze the topic.

    8. RC

      Lol,,, Ryan is upset Mr Tyler doesn’t give him the shocker like he use to.

  2. Steve

    Hopefully they fixed the entire video! It was looking pretty old! lol

  3. Amy

    I’m a disgusting PC Liberal and that was one of my absolute favorite parts of the whole ride! So sad it’s gone ?

  4. Three

    Disney is worried about this after the last 3 months of hearing about some pretty bizarre behavior from one of their biggest moneymaking stars? Bet they still release POTC V.

  5. Shocker


  6. Well I am not a liberal nor conservative. Just clueless. What does this hand gesture mean? Thanks.

    1. Sugarbear

      It’s called the Shocker. It’s when you take 2 fingers and put them in the taco and you pinky jams into the Choco taco… surprise

      1. Taylor

        Yep- also known as “2 in the pink, 1 in the stink”. Honestly I consider myself liberal but nowhere near these ultra-PC freaks. how depraved are you that you’d think little kids would know this sexual gesture? lol If the kids see it and imitate it without knowing the meaning, it’s NOT SEXUAL for them- context people…. Next they’re going to ban waving goodbye to your parents at school in case some kid accidentally does the Nazi salute

        1. Pat

          Wow. It didn’t mean anything to me till today, with all the fuss. They really had to change it? People are crazy.

  7. disgustedwithAmerica

    This is what happens when you let lesbos and pillow biters have a voice in this country.

    1. darien3

      Yes, indeed.

  8. Whatever

    A silly story, and all people can do is use it as a springboard to attack each other. Conservatives are ruining the country. Liberals are ruining the country. This isn’t helping. I’m on one end of the political spectrum; my best friends are on the other, and somehow we not only found a way to get along; we discovered that we like each other very much!

  9. Zidders Roofurry

    Slow news day? Tyler probably did it on purpose. I don’t see the big deal. Disney paid for the ride and Aerosmith cashed the checks. Disney can do whatever they want. The real question is why do people cares? It’s a cool ride but It’s not like they’re altering a priceless historical artifact.

  10. Steve

    I’ve got my own hand gesture for the person that complained about this………………………

  11. Mike

    This is disgusting. Kids need to learn about two in the pink one in the stink, and Steven Tyler was providing an invaluable service. In actuality, it probably had nothing to do with a shocker, and it was just an old, white man trying to act cool by improvising some hand gesture that coincidentally resembles a shocker.

    1. darien3

      “it was just an old, white man trying to act cool”

      Not only is this ageist and rude, but it belays that you not only need a lesson in manners – like some others here, too – but you definitely need an education on American rock history. Tyler may be an “old, white man” now, as you put it – but the last person who needs to “TRY TO ACT cool” is the incomparable Steven Tyler. NO ONE in rock and roll – past or pathetic present – has EVER equaled Steven Tyler. It’s obvious that you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re probably one of those trolls who has nothing better to do than to go to an article about Aerosmith, and post things just to irritate their fans. YOU are the untalented, DISRESPECTFUL JOKE – not them.

  12. Justin

    About 6 years ago, a group of friends & I mimicked the gesture during the ride so it would show up in the final photo (fully intending on purchasing it too.) When we got off the ride, the photo was removed for being indecent.

    Our pleas of “Steven Tyler was doing it!” didn’t go very far with the staff.

    This is a sad day for America… no. The world.

  13. BS

    Wow, the comments section is vicious! Anyway, point here is that whomever did complain about this just forced Disney to change something that probably most people didn’t notice, but which has now been spotlighted, so as an end result, Tyler’s tacky move just got WAY MORE attention. Well done. Way to shoot yourself in the foot while tying your shoes.

  14. blablabla

    what difference does it make? does it make the ride less fun?

  15. Rich

    Disney didn’t get where it is by leaving well enough alone.

  16. All y’all are suckers.
    The mouse is flooding news channels with chaff to a) get the PR Boost and b) distract from Gomez v Bieber.

    This wouldn’t be news if they didn’t have their PR machine making it news.

  17. Sarah

    Why are all you commenters posting hate about a Disney ride? It’s just a small hand hesitate!! Pls be nicer ppl!

  18. Garth

    Went round twice yesterday at the front of this coaster. Each time we coukd not see out photos, we were doing the gesture, which is now obscene. Got a third front seat ride straight away and now have happy smiling faces foto of us mimicking a bj.

  19. Isla

    My high school and college years were straight thru the 90s so how come I have no idea what the crude hand gesture is/means? Now I’m curious!

    1. Isla

      NVM found the meaning in an earlier comment LOL

  20. Tardigrade

    2 in the pink, 1 in the stink. I think for most people it goes right over their heads, especially children.
    An alternate interpretation can mean “I love you”, because counting from the pinky, the 1st, 4th & 3rd fingers are showing. 143 = I (one letter) Love (4 letters) You (3 letters).

    1. Tardigrade

      Maybe we all have this wrong. Could’ve been Tyler’s sex addiction therapist pushing him to request Disney remove it. Probably step number 6 or something.

  21. AJR

    I’m 50 years old and had no idea what the gesture meant. I have been on this coaster a million times and never gave it a second thought. Who cares anyway, the ride is my all time favorite so that is what I am in line for!

  22. Jared

    I am always amazed at what can happen to a comment section. Wow!

  23. Joe Patruzi

    For the University of TN, this was used for “VOL.” For Matt Hardey the pro wrestler it was “V1.” So, depending on who you ask, this hand signal could mean various things.

  24. tina m gilliams

    I’m surprised! Looks like Tyler was throwin’ out an Illuminati hand symbol and Disney has been called out to be one their own!!!!!

  25. Mitch

    Hilarious. Steven Tyler… THE Steven Tyler. An icon…legendary. So, he flipped the double bird. I guess the Disney execs soiled their adult diapers. Please…he’s Steven Tyler. Surprised he didn’t really blow the Disney decision maker’s depends off…

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