Comments for Russo Brothers: Anna Kendrick would be “perfect casting” for Squirrel Girl

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  1. Elijah

    I hate to be *that* nerd…but the Russo’s didn’t direct the first Captain America movie… But I wish they had. They do so well with comedy, that I would’ve love to have seen their take on the more comical stuff in that movie.

    1. Surya Fernandez

      Fixed, thanks for spotting that!

      1. Elijah

        Keep up the great work!!

  2. EricJ

    Oh, not you freakin’ TOO–
    Every fanboy site (including one which, ahem, SHOULDN’T be) is trying to “make” this movie happen just because somebody asked Kendrick a cute interview question and she said she’d never read the comic or heard of the character but “thought it might be fun” to run a newspaper with a squirrel tail.
    There’s absolutely no reason Marvel -will- make this (they had reasons for making Guardians, Black Panther and Captain Marvel), but among fans who think Marvel just wakes up one morning and films obscure characters, the fans think they can get this one going artificially as a Net-nag campaign.

    And Disney park fans KNOW about fanboy Net-nag campaigns, only too well:
    Stitch’s Great Escape. Frozen Ever After. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.
    We live those sad legacies every single day. 🙁

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