Comments for Pool at Walt Disney World’s closed River Country water park being drained and filled in


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    Another possible reason. A potential ZIka breeding ground, fill it in and you avoid lawsuits

  2. Ryan Beardall

    Confused on a couple points: If it is unused, why is it filled with water? Are they draining the water and refilling it with water, or dirt, or something else?

  3. Lori Doak

    If they are worried about people perhaps wondering over to the old park and injuring themselves, why fill it with water with no supervision around?

    1. Louise

      It’s *currently* filled with water (as seen in the photo in the article & multiple videos on YouTube); they are planning to DRAIN it. And then “fill it in”– with cement or the like. Not fill it back up with water.

  4. Tracy

    I would say it is close enough to the area where the little boy was scooped up by the gator and any unnecessary ,overgrown wetlands will now be dealt with in order to keep people away and decrease liability.

  5. Garaan

    I’m going to vote for ‘avoiding mosquito breeding ground’ myself. There’s a lot of parents at Disney events, which includes a high (perhaps unusually high) proportion of pregnant (or soon-to-be pregnant) women, who are the ones that have any real risk from Zika. They’re undoubtedly just playing it safe and bulldozing the worst offenders so no one can point and say that’s where they caught it and sue.

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