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  1. EricJ

    Do you have ANY concept how Trump-supporter the whole disgruntled DC-fan “Get those critics out of the room! Build a big wall, so we can get Batman haters out of the country! No, seriously, we love critics, they’re beautiful people, we think the old ones should be out of work” sounds?
    No, do you? Seriously, yes or no. And let’s not even get into the whole fan-petition to “Shut down RottenTomatoes because they didn’t like it!” movement, which we’ll assume comes under the same punchline.

    Hardcore DC fans orgied that Warner made “the Batman movie for US!”, and then got disappointed that it didn’t turn out to be for anybody else?
    Well, what’s the word I’m looking for here?–“That’s showbiz!” seems to be close enough.

    (And I’m not even going to touch on the “Adam’s Daily Fanboy Blog” issue, as I assume everyone else is, by this point.

  2. Reagan greer

    critics are called that for a reason the critic stuff if you get so but hurt over a score on the internet so you want to get that website banned then you have issues

  3. Joe

    I went into seeing the movie lowering my expectations after reading the critics reviews, and I glad I did. First and for most I did enjoy the dark tone the movie wanted to take but it stopped there. It felt rushed felt like they tried to develop these characters with little back stories. I found it to be alittle ironic that as soon as she wanted to put together task force x she needed task force x. Harley Quinn’s and jokers relationship felt stale. Will smith most likely has in his contracts stating he needs so many lines and screen time. The cgi at times seemed to cartoonish ex. Enchantress at the end. And last but not least the I felt like I saw the movie because the trailers showed way to much!

  4. Jim

    This article reads like such a Trump speech. Wow, you don’t say, this is a great movie, all this is about is bashing critics. Lousy article

  5. Greg

    This is perhaps the worst article I have seen on this site. It’s just clickbait if you ask me. And I fell for it. Job well done I suppose.
    But seriously, it reads like a high school kid complaining about somebody not liking his favorite thing. An article sharing your personal feelings about critic’s reaction to a movie you saw is not very good content. I only clicked on it to see just if this was real or not. I almost can’t believe it is, except for who the author was. Lastly, I see we are now including profane language in official post for Inside the Magic. A site that USED to be completely family friendly, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it. It will be interesting to see what kind of foolishness is next for this site.

    1. EricJ

      “Characters don’t have to be ‘just like us’ in order to be granted permission to appear on screen. Loosen up.”
      Gee, Adam, we sure didn’t hear you saying that during the “Elsa should be a lesbian!” debate. (In fact, the presiding niche opinion was that a character HAD to be one of a social group in order to “represent” their fans, or no go.)

      But anyway, about the issue of telling us -to our face- that we’re somehow wrong, or immature, just closed-minded if we don’t happen to find the DC Dark-verse of time-bomb-teen DC Fans With Issues the same entertainment value as those of normal well-adjusted people. Yeah, stinks don’t it. Not everybody’s like you.
      And judging by the rapidly sinking box office, quite a LOT of people are not like you, but that seems to be the personal character and maturity fault of a lot of people…

      (Folks, Adam is quickly becoming the Paul Pressler of Inside the Magic–And the only way we got rid of Pressler the first time was to get rid of Eisner.
      Is there any higher power we can appeal to to shut down his mounting atrocities, or do we have to take the site down with him?) 🙁

  6. JimJ

    I don’t need to listen to the critics. In fact, the box office is $135 million, a new high for August. From time to time, the film critics are wrong. They are wrong in many ways like liking Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg films that are highly overrated. Both filmmakers are past their prime. Suicide Squad will unfortunately be a rental for me. I dislike the darker tone of DC comics. Marvel seems to be more upbeat despite some exceptions (Jessica Jones and Daredevil on Netflix, and Agents of Shield on ABC). Thus, I will likely see Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America in the theaters and skip Batman. On the fence with Superman and Spiderman (needs some help there).

  7. Ryan T

    Great article. The author is basically calling out critics and their reviews. Movie criticism has evolved over the years and they no longer have as much influence as they once did which I believe pisses them off. People watch what they want to see and so should you.

    1. EricJ

      Critics also didn’t like “Nine Lives”, were they “out of touch” with that?

  8. Ryan T

    Read my last sentence bro. Enjoy your summer at the movies

  9. Clint Tribble

    Great article. Critics are out of touch. Too many popular films have come and gone in recent years where they’ve collectively missed the boat. What’s worse, they praise junk like “Manchester by the Sea”!

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