Comments for New ‘Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure’ coming to Disney Parks


  1. Ian

    Wow that’s pricy. Like all physical stuff you get with it is cool and all but the experience itself is $500 to do a single interactive adventure. Also it sounds like that’s all on top of the cost of your room and one of the Disney hotels

  2. Stephanie

    Wow, that is really, really cool, but $500 is so much money. It’s $86 more for another person to join with a disguise. (Extra $50 for each extra medal) If you had a big set of cousins or friends going to the park together it might be kind of an ok price.

    1. Stephanie

      Actually, I just saw that you can add extras of any of the pieces, so you could just get an extra lanyard for $10, so that isn’t that bad for the others in the group if they have their own costumes. You can also add on extra Holocrons for $28…. 🙂

  3. Tomm

    Wow. this looks like it would be so much fun for two of my kids. I was sold to get one for our up coming surprise Xmas visit and first time actually staying on Property. BUT then the price was listed. I don’t think its a very smart price point for Disney. WHen for my two kids it would cost more then our Disney Property room cost for the trip. What are you thinking? I could see $150-$200 range, but $500 is ridiculous. Such a shame that something so cool and attractive for parents are out of most of our price points. Guess Disney is targeting the 1% only. I hate bashing on Disney and willing to pay for there offerings but his is over the top to much.

  4. Shae Hicks

    My sons would LOVE this! I wish you could scale down the “physical” stuff and just do the experience for less money! At with this kind of price tag – it SHOULD come with a FastPass!! 🙂

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