New ‘Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure’ coming to Disney Parks

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Are your rebels longing to defeat the Empire? It’s time to embark on a rebel adventure!

Imagine your rebels walking up to the resort room door to discover an Imperial recruitment banner. The Empire was there! Once inside, they’ll discover the Rebel Alliance has infiltrated the room, leaving gear and tech to help on a secret mission for the Rebellion.

Through augmented reality on their smartphone, Ezra Bridger (from the hit TV series, Star Wars Rebels) guides them on an undercover mission. Slipping on the included Imperial Security Officer disguise, they’ll head to the Star Tours attraction where hidden data they’re carrying will be transmitted in hyperspace. Once the mission is completed, they’ll be directed to their resort room to unlock a mysterious box holding a rebel medal of honor, like the one in the film Star Wars: A New Hope.


Top Secret Mission Detail #1: The Mission

The Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure takes you from your resort room “barracks” on an interactive role-playing mission to the Star Tours Attraction. You’ll go “under cover” as an Imperial Security Officer, complete with rank bar, cap, satchel, and diversion tattoos. The Empire is always watching, so make sure they don’t identify you as the Rebel Spy!

Top Secret Mission Detail #2: The Tech


The adventure features unique technology exclusive to this experience. Through an augmented reality app on your smartphone, Ezra Bridger leads you on a mission to thwart the Empire. By scanning targets or “wayfinders” featured around your resort room and Star Tours, Ezra leads you to hidden information and gear needed to complete your mission.

The rebel tech on your phone allows you to experience the adventure again and again, even after returning home from the Disney Parks!

Top Secret Mission Detail #3: The Gear


With equipment to help on your adventure, the mission includes a disguise and your data card to transmit information to the rebels at Star Tours. Other collectibles include a Jedi holocron, lightsaber, Rebel journal, four Empire recruitment posters, and an Empire door banner.

Have multiple rebels in your party? You can add-on elements of this adventure for everyone to experience!

Top Secret Mission Detail #4: The Reward


Once you’ve completed your mission, you’ll be rewarded like any true hero with a Medal of Bravery. Presented in a rebel lock box wrapped with a Phoenix symbol, this medal can only be recovered upon completion of your mission. Like the one seen in the film Star Wars: A New Hope, the medal’s design features a lanyard, which can be personalized, to identify your victory.

Are you brave enough to answer the call and thwart the Empire’s efforts? Then enlist today by visiting the Disney Floral and Gifts at Walt Disney World, (407-WDW-GIFT) or Disney Floral and Gifts at Disneyland (714-781-GIFT). Delivery to Disney resorts begins August 15th.

You will need to have access to an iPhone or Android smartphone. Rebels will need to ride Star Tours – The Adventures Continue attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or at Disneyland. Theme park tickets and FastPass selections not included.

The price is a hefty $499.99 and includes:

  • (1) Empire Door Banner
  • (4) Empire Recruitment Posters
  • (1) Imperial Security Satchel
  • (1) Imperial Rank Bar
  • (1) Rebel Utility Blanket
  • (1) Medal of Bravery with box and fabric wrap
  • (1) Set of Rebel of Diversion Tattoos
  • (1) Rebel Data Card Lanyard
  • (1) Holocron
  • (1) Wayfinder set and Mission Briefing
  • (1) Imperial Security Cap
  • (1) Kanan’s Lightsaber
  • (1) Star Wars Rebel Journal

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