Comments for New “Rings” movie trailer moves slightly out of the circle


  1. EricJ

    N-n-no, Jenny, this was what we were saying earlier:
    You don’t HAVE to do “This horror film looks wicked kewl!” just because some -other- insane fanboy here says it’s okay.
    Just play to your strengths, and the rest of us readers will get the nice jacket with the long sleeves ready for the current dictator of the site’s content.

    (We can’t look to any help from Ricky, who’s now got his own full-time occupation dressing up in sheets and going boo at Floridians. If he did, we know what his main topic of conversation would be.)

    1. Surya Fernandez

      Relax, friend. JL wrote this article because she wanted to and I’m 100% confident that readers will enjoy her passion for a variety of ITM topics.

  2. Irving

    I love Final Destination and The Ring! Can’t wait!

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