New “Rings” movie trailer moves slightly out of the circle

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It was over a decade ago on a stormy afternoon in Virginia. I was alone in my basement and had just finished watching The Ring. My stomach was a bundle of nerves. I was clearly on edge, and then the power went out. Completely alarmed, I made my way to the stairs. After watching that film, the last thing I wanted was to be caught in the dark with a television set. However, before I could climb a single step, the power returned. My TV came back to life, and as I turned to make sure there wasn’t a creature emerging from the thing, my phone rang. I panicked. I froze. I wet myself a little. That is when I learned the power of a great horror icon.

Well, Samara is back for her third film in The Ring series. Rings, as it is called, continues the story of a waterlogged child killer that rises from the dead to destroy any human unfortunate enough to watch her media message of disturbing images. [I hope you followed that.] This time she has upped her game. With VHS cassettes being so 2002, Samara’s deathly video clip is now being passed through a viral email…because while her dripping gown may be passé, she has to be up-to-date with the most current media platforms. Amirite?

The trailer that was just released brings us to Julia who has been exposed to the video and (as tradition dictates) has seven days left to live. Unfortunately, those seven days don’t look like pleasant ones. Julia develops a circular gash on her back and a mark on her hand. She starts shedding skin and suffering nose bleeds. But probably the most alarming thing we see is her coughing up something you would normally find in your shower drain. So gross! I love it! But after that the train goes off the rails.

As the scenes intensify, they seem to become a bit overly dramatic. Suddenly we are seeing the contents of entire rooms levitate, power lines exploding, and a plane full of people go down. It’s a bit too “Final Destination” for me, and the original appeal of The Ring is gone. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something to be said for the villain who quietly takes her victims out without making a spectacle of herself. I mean…flooding a plane and dragging a man into a cockpit in front of all the other passengers is just a little tacky for my taste. Samara seems to have lost her decorum, and I think I’ve lost interest.


Rings invade movie theater screens starting October 28, 2016.

in Entertainment, Movies, Movies & TV, Reviews

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