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  1. EricJ

    I won’t pick on the “Adam invited all his fanboy friends to his new clubhouse ALL BY HIMSELF!” issue–
    I’ll just point out that RT doesn’t quite have an instinctive sense of what’s a bad movie and what isn’t, and tends to borrow everybody else’s jokes from the Golden Turkeys and AgonyBooth.com.

    And long after Michael Medved had retired from the Golden Turkeys to be one of Siskel & Ebert’s annoying replacements, the show would occasionally say “Hey, how about a few more Golden Turkeys, just like the old days?”
    Medved seemed to have lost his old fire, and only picked Mothra as “the next great Turkey”. Oh, that and “Wild Women of Wongo”, which…the Rifftrax guys -also- did at one point.

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