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  1. Eric

    Boardwalk and Baseball. That was one of my favorite parks when I was young.

  2. Cindy

    Masterpiece Gardens

  3. Michael Crompton

    Splendid China was interesting.

  4. Clearwater makes a great location for a day trip. Take the Clearwater screamer, alleged to be the largest speed boat in the world, which takes the visitor into the open Gulf to spot dolphins. The machine at the rear of the boat which foams the water attracts dolphins which then follow the boat. The captain turns the boat around and begins to follow the dolphins, so it is always best to get a seat at the rear. St Petersburg offers the visitor some of the best beaches along the Gulf coast and is only a 2 hour drive from Orlando. Here the visitor can enjoy the quiet side of the city with beachside bars and cafes and a laid back atmosphere, or head for the pier where there are several shops and restaurants to enjoy.

  5. NPP Valok

    RE:FAV FIVE: Lost Central Florida attractions | Inside the Magic Excuse, I have thought and have removed the message
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