Comments for Fav Five: Adam’s 5 Favorite Ride Moments at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

Animal KIngdom


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    I agree with your choices but you pretty much listed all of the rides there I count Bug as a show. I still think of it as a full day park thou

  2. EricJ

    AK was NEVER about the rides–The Studios are about the rides.
    Animal Kingdom is about wandering.

  3. Nick

    Animal Kingdom does have some of the best rides(Everest, Kilamanjaro and Dinosaur!) mixed in with layered disney storytelling of exotic “natural” style environments and villages. Beautiful and lush landacapes, wow!

  4. Robyn H

    At Magic Kingdom in the Haunted Mansion…definitely the moment your “doom buggy” turns backwards and decents slowly down that spiral staircase…

  5. Amanda L

    My favorite is Expedition Everest by far! I found out that its 199 feet tall for a really interesting reason I read here: http://wdwfactoftheday.com/animal-kingdoms-expedition-everest-height/

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