Comments for ‘Dragon Ball Super’ to introduce new transformation “Super Saiyan Rose” to the series!

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  1. EricJ

    Why, it’s as pink as Aurora’s dress!

  2. RJmang

    It’s Rosé (RO-ZE). Not Rose.
    Anyone that can read Hiragana can see that. “Roh-ZAY”. It’s a pun of Rosé Wine. Rosé wine has a dark pink color to it. The alcohol puns continue the ongoing god naming gimmick. Whis: Whisky, Beerus: Beer. Champa: Champagne and Vados: Calvados (French Apple Brandy).

    The Rosé pun is a connection to the gods, SPOILER ALERT:

    Zamasu is connected to Black in some way. It’s no surprise that Black’s SSJ form is the spectrum opposite of SSJ Blue’s light blue color with a SSJ form having dark pink. It’s also no surprise that it’s tied to the gods with the pun because like SSJ Blue, SSJ Rosé is going to be using god ki as well. If you disagree, how the hell else would it keep up with SSJ Blue?

  3. Joe

    Even though db gt was created by a diff person, i think it would b cool to bring those characters into the series and state that they r from a diff universe, n compare power levels n fighting skills. I also feel that db super needs to get more creative with transformations for saiyans, all that really is changing is the hair color and the aura, which makes it boring.

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