Comments for Disney confirms ‘Paint the Night’ parade will return to Disneyland for the holiday season

Paint the night

Credit: Disney


  1. Lyzette

    This just means what we all were thinking anyway, paint the night is coming to WDW in January. Wdw has enough going on with the Halloween and Christmas parades and it will give plenty of time to train the cast here to be ready when it arrives. ­čÖé

    1. Achi

      I was at DLR on Wednesday, and i was chatting with the parade operator…he said PTN will not be going to WDW. It will stay in California as a seasonal parade. If it ever does make it to WDW, it will be years from now.

      1. Erica M

        Why the heck would a parade like that be only seasonal? But then why would you leave Spectro floats out in a field to rust?! ? ?

  2. rachael

    I think this is the best news that I have gotten all month I am a mom of a three year old autistic daughter she’s in love with paint the night away she knows every parts of the whole parade also Disney’s Pixar parade we took her last year and it was really hard because she’s sensitive for her ears and it was very loud we are trying to make accommodations coming up for this season for her to watch it one last time comfortably I was kind of devastated when they were going to take it away but now that they brought it back it gives me hope my baby girl will be so excited we’ll see you Christmas Disney

  3. Kimberly

    We love Paint the night Parade
    How can we find out what dates it will return?
    It’s the best!!!!

  4. I think the paint the night parade is already in Orlando at the magic kingdom and disney just won’t admit it because they probably want it to be a surprise. I think wdw needs this parade. It was time for it to come to Orlando Florida.

    1. Erin Brown

      How? It’s still showing in DL until tonight

  5. I think it will debut soon also but I am not sure.

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