Comments for Main Street Electrical Parade leaves Walt Disney World on October 9, heads to Disneyland for limited time


  1. Reagan greer

    maybe there moving the paint the night parade over here?

    1. Matt

      To our knowledge, Paint the Night is not going to WDW, since The contract is not up for Disneyland.

      I am Happy that DEP is coming back home for the limited engagement. WDW needs to stop taking night time parades from Disneyland, and create there own.

      1. Smum


  2. richard

    i wish the management would stop taking away the parks best family fun items. it was always great to see the lighted parade. now it will be a memory just like other things/rides they got ride of…

  3. Jayson

    PTN’s faith is not yet known, but what is known is that it is not coming to WDW. They addressed this in an employee Q&A memo, twice, and both times the answer was PTN is not coming to WDW. They look forward to the memories MSEP will create at Disneyland, and will give more information about what is happening with PTN on a later date.

  4. Kevin

    I wish they would bring back SpectroMagic that was my favorite

  5. Mary

    I watched on facebook the PTN and did not like it at all the Electric Parade or Spectro Magic parade was way better so I’m hoping they do not bring it to Disney World. I will have to agree if they keep taking all the good show away I will have to find somewhere else to vacation I have already crossed off DHS nothing left I am not a star war fan

  6. Cameron De Vil

    Great news for Disneyland, I just hope that the Magic Kingdom gets something to entertain whilst it is away. From hearing this news I think it is a high possibility paint the night will be moved to Paris as it will be Paris’s 25th next year and they currently do not have a night time parade. Also with how costs are being cut at present, it would mean they do not have to create a new parade.

  7. Sarah

    The electrical lights parade is the only parade I’ve ever loved. I saw it at Disneyland back in the 80s I think, and I saw it at California adventure back in 08 or 09. I didn’t care for the paint the night parade. I really hope it comes back to CA!

  8. Hector

    This is SO dissapointing. MSEP was an ICONIC feature in WDW… it like taking life out of the park. I simply cannot imagine the park without the parade!!!

    1. Linda

      I am a 62 -year-old child when it comes to Disney World I have brought my kids and my grandchildren I’ve been there million times I am very sad and to not have the electrical Parade

  9. Tommy

    No way!!!! Saw this parade 3 times on my first trip to WDW back in june after years of hoping to see it. So sad to know whenever i go back it wont be there anymore. Just glad that i did get to see it.

  10. Art Linkletter

    I swear that most Disney posters are nothing but whiny unemployed women that like to complain about everything.

    Disney will certainly replace the parade with something else. A different themed electrical type of parade. Please try to think sometimes instead of doing your “chicken little” impression and cry that the sky is falling, the sky is falling…

  11. Tom

    Another tradition GONE! What Disney management doesn’t seem to get any more is that people return year after year to see these same parades and attractions. Plus it’s pretty lame to not have a ready to go replacement.

  12. Emma

    I hate the idea about not doing the electric parade I am going to tell Alice because she has to on that big mushroom so there!!!!!!!!

    Emma, age 8?

  13. JEANY

    I would like to see the Paint the night at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World! It would be awesome for Disney World! Awesome!

  14. Wendy

    My family and I are very disappointed to hear that WDW is no longer going to have the electric light parade. We look forward to watching this spectacular parade every time we visit WDW. We recently took our 2 Grandchilren who absolutely loved the light parade. I hope Disney thinks long and hard about their decision and keep the light parade going.

  15. Amanda

    Well… I read a comment that said WDW needs to quit stealing parades from WDL & create there… (which should be spelled “Their”) own!!! Next time that they remove a ride or show we like from “WDW”… We just won’t go back to their park ever again!!! We don’t have kids. So, we enjoy the weather in FL more than the park!! We live in the cold!

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