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  1. I think they have enough cash to keep human photographers employed. I’d prefer the personal touch of a real , you know… person.

  2. James

    I don’t think they will get rid of the PhotoPass employees fully. I think this is a great idea for people that love pictures becauses it will let you get more pictures where they might not have a person stationed or available. You will still need the employees for the character pictures all over. I don’t see them cutting jobs, I see this as increasing the visitor’s experience.

  3. Corey

    I do not like this idea. Meeting the photographers was always a nice interaction. Also, I like that I can hand over my personal camera or phone for them to take photos.

  4. George

    The photographers add to the experience and they do more than say stand here. It will be a loss if they are replaced

  5. Carol

    Here at Disney now.. Some of the photographers are fantastic.. Great interaction and quality work! Can’t replace that with an electronic chip. Big mistake on Disney’s part. They have cut back enough, keep the photographers.

  6. Liz

    I think the photographers should stay. They add to your experience at Disney. They make it fun to have your photo taken and to just stand on a spot isn’t fun especially if you have a lot of people waiting for that spot. It would be too rushed and you may not get the shots that you want.

  7. Ariel

    I like the idea of the park having to take your picture by an app on your phone but like it says in the article, where will people know where to look at the camera? I think the idea sounds cool ! ☺ so whenever their done building it, I can can’t wait to try it soon☺

  8. Matt

    I’d really like it if they could just train their photographers a little better to where the horizons weren’t always askew and they could do a more consistent job of framing…

    1. bald1eagle

      Wow Matt, way to go sticking to the subject.

  9. Jan

    We were at Disney World last week and every single time we tried to get a photo, the photographer told us sorry and went on break. Couldn’t get a single photo. So seems like a great idea to me.

    1. bald1eagle

      That’s just not possibe Jan.

  10. Deb

    Terrible idea. Photographers do more than just “push a botton”. They help pose guests to make more memorable moments, add fun and whimsy to photos. Human contact with cast members adds to, and sometimes makes, the magic.

  11. Jen

    I do like interacting with the photographers and I don’t like adding more apps to my phone. I use the website rather than the app. Will it go to my account online? I guess I won’t be able to make it take a picture though.

  12. Bri

    I’m super interested in how this plays out.. The technology for SOTMK is great but still flawed for where we hold our cards, I can imagine the looking for photos! On the other hand, the last few times I’ve used the photographers I have reconsidered life -basically… It’s gonna be a very, very interesting few months

  13. Robin

    The idea may be good too. But I used the photographers and they did the best job. We had so much fun with them as they took there job very seriously. Our pictures came out so great wish we did more. You can have a few of the spots as a random spot.. Please don’t take them away. Over 50 and still love Photos. Never had a problem finding them through out the parks. Our total count for pictures was 275

  14. Melissa

    I think the photogs also help keep people in line and waiting for their turn. Chaos might result otherwise, people being people and all.

  15. Rae

    I’d rather have the real person. The other way seems too automated.

  16. Vicky

    Not terrible if they do it ONLY for SOME spots, but I still want cast members. How else am I going to get those awesome magicshots?! Who will take pictures with MY phone/camera?! Disney can’t/shouldn’t do away with human contact all together.

  17. Diana

    I like the photographers and use them regularly and hope they do not completely do away with them. But I also like the idea of some areas with the automated photo locations. It allows for more photo opportunities without adding staff. Especially if it’s quick and easy. Pop on the spot, take photo and off to the next item on the list. I’m a bit of a photo hound – the more the better – anywhere and everywhere!

  18. Lily Velazquez

    I still prefer a photographer, i always travel with my professional camara, so not everybody knows how to use it, i prefer travel with my camara and ask for a photographer if they can take a picture, than ask an another guest in the park, (and they know how to use it). And of course this option is free, i don´t think this propotion is going to be free.

  19. JC

    We have used photopass on numerous occasions and really like it, since it allows you to get photos with your whole family and extra pictures only a photopass photographer may be able to give you like pics with props (frames), magic shots or even multiple pictures in different poses. Also as mentioned, people are people so I can just see other people walking into your auto shot cause they are rude or just do not have a clue what you a doing and no photographer around “directing traffic” will mean no one can keep things in line.

    I do think this could be an added bonus if they keep all the photographers and this just adds to the experience as often we have said it would be great to get a photo in this spot yet no photopass photographer is around. Disney charges enough money for photopass, so I always want to maximize the number of photos to try and get your money’s worth – if that adds to the value then it is a good idea.

    Disney cutting costs again… maybe? This auto option still has some benefits, but also can not replace the experience many of these cast members provide and make it the reason many people travel to WDW on a regular basis.

  20. Mollie

    If this makes you upset, if you like seeing your photopass photographers and they are an essential part of your WDW experience, Please complain! Tell anyone who will listen because that’s the only what to let the higher ups know and keep this from sticking.

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