Walt Disney World currently testing automated photo locations at Magic Kingdom

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The Walt Disney World Resort is no stranger to pioneering new technology in an attempt to enhance their guest’s vacation experiences. Now, it looks like some nifty new photo technology is being implemented into the Magic Kingdom, or at least tested.


Behind the Thrills got a chance to test the new technology that allows guests to appear at a special photo location, stand on a specific area, and then have a photo sent directly to their PhotoPass app — all automatically, without a photographer. This puts into question the future of Disney’s PhotoPass employees, who are located all around the Walt Disney World Resort, ready to snap photos for guests as needed. So, while it’s unfortunate that this may result in a series of layoffs, you can’t deny that the technology (if it works) will be wildly convenient.

Basically, guests stand on the designated photo area, click the “Ready” button on their app, and then the photo is snapped and sent to their phone. One problem of note is that guests may not know where to look, as there seems to be no indication of where the cameras are for now. But I’m sure that will all be solved once Disney makes more use of this technology.

So what do you think of this new way to get your photo taken at the Disney parks? Let me know in the comments below, and stick with ITM for all things Disney!

in Disney, Technology, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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