Comments for VIDEO: Hey Internet, did we forget that “Ghostbusters 2” was actually really bad?


  1. Garaan

    I just don’t get how people can scream about how bad the movie is from the trailers. Trailers don’t say anything about the movie except how good or bad the trailer company is.

    They are often put together by people who honestly haven’t watched the movie in any entirety, they never even have the same -music- in them (thus the entire genre of ‘trailer music’). They aren’t directed, they’re just cobbled together basically, out of bits the trailer company (not anyone actually involved with the movie) thinks will hook an audience.

    For a marvelous example of how a trailer can very easily make the movie look ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the actual film, google up the ‘Wicker Man Comedy Trailer’ sometime. … Actually, do that anyway ’cause it’s hilarious.

    I am retaining judgement until I see the thing. But it seems to have pretty good reviews. And in the words of the NY Times, ‘Women are funny. Get over it.’

  2. Linda Hanson

    No matter what anyone says, Peter MacNicol was so great as Dr. Janosz Poha. It may not be the best film ever made but the second film rarely is. It’s definitely worth watching and I’ve seen it recently.

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