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  1. Garaan

    Dang. These all sound fantastic. And yay for them sourcing lionfish. They’re crazy poisonous and also an invasive species, so getting people to like eating them is a great way to solve a problem, haha. Now if they could just get people to eat the pythons swarming the Everglades…

  2. Mariyn

    Well, we were not at all impressed with our first visit there, and with the addition of lionfish, we will most definitely not be returning. Besides the fact that these fish are very pet-like, that plate looks like something out of a horror movie, or at the least a Ripley’s dish. Yes, I know they are invasive, but that also is the fault of our species.

    1. Richie

      I’d love to try lionfish, not sure why the look of something drives you away. isn’t that a childish reason?

    2. Garaan

      No one should have lionfish as a pet. Sure, they’re ornamental, but they can freakin’ kill you. Would you have a pet rattlesnake? A pet cobra? Keeping them is grossly irresponsible, dangerous, difficult, and the reason why they’re an environmental problem.

  3. Baylee

    I hope Disney doesn’t dumb it down any more. I think the whole the if it’s not chicken nuggets and burgers it’s too exotic thing has gotten old. I feel as though it’s going to get a point where garlic is qualified as too “ethnic” and “unamerican”.

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