Comments for REVIEW: Haunted Mansion inspired tea materializes in multiple flavors

Adagio's Haunted Mansion inspired teas


  1. Linda

    Someone must have gotten a GREAT deal on Lapsong Souchong for it to be in EVERY blend.
    Sad. I was looking forward to and would have loved to purchase them all, but with Lapsong Souchong in each, I won’t.
    I don’t care for Lapsong Souchong in the least.

  2. Michael Gavin

    Fortunately there are hundreds of other blends on the site that DON’T taste like campfire – even a few more mansion inspired favors! Check out the fan inspired flavors for a variety of themes AND flavors (I was delighted at what I found)

  3. Hey Linda!

    Our fan-created tea process is truly a double-edged sword, we’re afraid.

    It’s a fantastic new medium for folks to exercise creativity, and some really delicious new tea blends have come forth from it! But we allow *anyone* to create a blend, regardless of their tea-sommelier status. Thus, the results aren’t always perfect in terms of flavor. Many blenders tend to over-use lapsang in efforts to create a smoky flavor, without realizing just how powerful a flavor it imparts. Unfortunately, with over 92,000 customer-created blends, we certainly cannot test them all! Although that would be a fun job, wouldn’t it?

    We strongly encourage you to check out the other blends we have available, if lapsang is not your jam! I suspect you’d find something you’ll like 🙂

    Warm regards,
    Julie at Adagio Teas

  4. CG

    I just wish they’d made one out of the 13 that was caffeine free. Eternal Slumber with chamomile, lavender, and a hint or spearmint or something like that.

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