Comments for Reservations open July 29 for redesigned Flying Fish on Disney’s Boardwalk at Walt Disney World Resort


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    I gotta say, this used to be my favorite WDW restaurant, we went there regularly and even know the staff. We’ve been waiting for it to reopen with a fresh new look and enhanced menu. But now seeing the new menu, my husband and I are pretty disappointed. It is missing our favorite dishes, the scallops over the incredible risotto (now grits? Ew!) and the NY strip! From the pictures and descriptions, seems like the dishes are lacking volume and the richness that used to characterize them. The combinations or sides in the entrees are basically poorly paired garnishes. Not sure now if we will revisit, at least not with this new menu. So very sad. 🙁

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    Gia, Disney is cutting back on everything, even though they are making money hand over fist. Did you expect something more? Le Celliar used to be a great steakhouse, not so much anymore. I was hoping Flying Fish would be good, but I would be the only person eating there. Not much to choose from for the non fish eaters in the family. The parks are getting run down, they don’t maintain like they used to. It’s a shame. They no longer care about the customer.

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    This was my favorite restaurant on property. The new menu is a pretty big letdown.
    Everything that was unique and special about the signatures is going away.
    Now its just “Have your salmon or bison with a different sauce at each of our signature restaurants!”

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