Comments for PHOTOS: What if classic Disney animated movies were titled today?


  1. My computer has been having trouble seeing buttons lately – is there a way to view all the pics on one page? Thanks!!!
    And oh my GOSH lol – it literally never occurred to me that all the recent titles are adjectives! hahahahaha! 😀

  2. Also no matter what I do, I can’t see the full image so I can’t read the made up title. I know this must be do to something going on with my laptop but thought you may have an idea what it is, if other people have had this problem. thanks!

    1. and I meani t even looks like that when i did a search in google images, I just can’t see the full pic even there.

      1. So I just saved one of the pictures, and what got saved was still the truncated picture. which means there is literally nothing else I can try. I want to share this but can’t till i can see what I’m sharing.

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