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  1. Socorro

    How can I order it now ?!

  2. Socorro

    How can I order it now ?!

    1. Stacie Smith

      The NES is coming back to stores! Pick up the new mini NES Classic Edition on 11/11 w/ 30 included games!

  3. Patricia Gray

    Where can I order one, please

  4. Patricia Gray

    I need to order one, please. Where?

  5. Chris Stockton

    Is it only capable of one controller or can it take two for multiple players

    1. Surya Fernandez

      The front of the mini-NES shows two ports and the pic of the system also shows a separate box for an extra controller. So you’ll be good to go with 2-player games.

  6. Kristen Thornton

    I need to order one where can I order it from

  7. It Clearly says “The new/old console is scheduled to hit store shelves Nov. 11, just in time for the holidays. No word on when it will be available to pre-order but we’ll update this page once we have that info.”

    They have already been selling a knockoff to this at our New Hampshire Dollar General & Family Dollar store’s for about a year.

    They Also have a Sega Version, a SNES Version, etc but they include a much larger list of games tho this list has a handful of better ones.

  8. Scott

    Where is DUCK HUNT?

    1. Amy

      That’s what I’m screaming, definitely needs Duck Hunt!!!

    2. Andrew

      You can’t play duck hunt on a flat screen and cry tea don’t have an hdmi port. That’s why there isn’t duck hunt. The gun for duck hunt doesnt work on flat sxreens

  9. Where can I pre-order this?

  10. mel

    Will duck hunt and the gun controller be available?

  11. Deb

    Not the same without Bomberman! My grandkids were playing it all week and thinking grandma’s old console is better than their xbox one!

  12. This is fun news. I still have a working NES and about a dozen games (many on this list) but this will be a great way to pick up some of those classic games at a price well below ebay.

    I also would love to see them make Duck Hunt and other gun games work since currently the gun just doesn’t seem compatible with the new HD TVs.

    From the info, it doesn’t look like they’ve provided a way to do this, but it would be awesome if they allowed for a method to purchase/download additional games to add to this.

    I personally love my NES but finding quality aftermarket cartridges at a fair price is a tricky search.

    Either way…fun news.

  13. Jon

    They should add a port to play any cartridges not built in.

  14. Tammy Murphy

    How much is it?

    1. Dawn


  15. JC

    But will it take the NES Advantage controller? That would be righteous!!! ??✌?

  16. Sonja


    It also needs a “blow” component.

  17. Chad

    Will they have rbi baseball available

  18. Monty

    I have to get one just to say I have it. When I was growing up this was my babysitter. I’ll be able to let my kid see what we had to play when we was kids. I still have mine but not so much mini games anymore.

  19. Josh

    They need to have a way to buy additional games to download online.

  20. Todd

    This mini Nintendo is missing the best game ever and that would be Contra.

  21. Crystal

    Were do I order?

  22. Andrea Fuchs

    That is the coolest product they have came up with in a while, thank you so much Nintendo for inventing the newest game system. I do have all the Nintendo systems in its been fun mine all work except super Nintendo. Ill find another soon.

  23. Wanda

    Let me know when I can order this

  24. Ramon

    Does it have wireless controls

    1. Surya Fernandez

      Doesn’t look like it does unfortunately, most likely to keep the price affordable. Hopefully it’s a long cable!

  25. Megan

    I still want this because I LOVED bubble Bobble. But I’m REALLY disappointed that they didn’t include Tetris. That always was and still is my favorite game. Plenty of others have made knock-offs, but none are as good as the original. How can they have Dr. Mario, but not Tetris?!?!? 🙁

    1. AMine

      Tetris got passed on to EA. Nintendo doesn’t own it anymore, that’s why they also took it off of the 3DS eShop. 🙁

  26. I was saying the other day that my next console would probably be a Nintendo… I just didn’t realize it was going to be an NES rather than an NX 🙂

    I do still have my NES and quite a few of the classic Nintendo-produced games, some of which are on this. But I still want this for those I don’t have AND to help preserve my original. But to that end, I do wish it had Tetris, Rad Racer, and Dragon Warrior on it. I’d honestly rather be playing those than Gradius or Balloon Fight. Also why no Mega Man or Contra?

  27. Des

    Its OK but don’t have adventure island or Galaga ?

  28. Diane Ellert

    My Nintendo 2 had the best sudoku game. I wore the Nintendo out. PLEASE bring back Sudoku on your Nintendo.

  29. Jack

    What website or when can I pre-order the mini NES console.

  30. Ben

    Pre orders are only happening in the UK right now. I would imagine pretty quickly we will see them in the states.

  31. Justin

    These are great games, but like was mentioned many games were made for NES not included, including Dragon Warrior 1,2,3, Joshua, Princess Tomato, Tetris, Tetris 2, and also tons of SNES games that were difficult and entertaining.

    I wondered what made side scrolling adventures so great, and found that it’s probably that it fits well with a world where the flat world meets your eyes with color and the friendliness of it is written in replay-ability. I loved it also because it seems like a bubble with a storyline made to be enter-active.

    Stories that were not only read, but were conquerable through effort and sound and graphics became what was expected not only in electronics, but in the orchestra and the group band.

    Some things never change, some things do.

  32. Kiyo

    An appropriate meme for this would the “Shut up and take my Rupees”

  33. Sean

    What about wireless remote? Can we use are wii remotes on it?

    1. Surya Fernandez

      Doesn’t look like it, the controllers need to be plugged in to the unit.

  34. Judy Rodriguez

    can we preorder it and where..please send ma an email and let me know thank you

  35. Kate

    Welp, the release was ridiculous. All the store around had maybe 8 or 10 of them and sold out in minutes. Tried on Amazon and kept getting error messages and they too sold out in minutes. Why didn’t they do pre-orders? Clearly people wanted this! But after being so disappointed with how few were released I think there will be some people who won’t bother anymore….

  36. Whenever you obtain in mass, plenty of objects possess a reduced price.

  37. Vicki Marshall

    Why is this a $60. Game being sold at walmart for 239. ?

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